Oh wow, it’s been like what, it’s almost 25  years ago since my last ride on a train. The train here which I meant does not apply to those LRT.

My childhood train experience was excited but awfully long journey,  it tooks 8 to 9 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Penang if my memory recalls well.  Anyway,  back then was those traditional steam or diesel locomotive which was noisy,  bumpy,  wavy and equipped with natural “AIR” conditioning.

Nowadays,  with these ETS train  newly launched awhile back,  which changed the perception that going KL no longer just by flight or bus,  train is an option now. Of caused self driving with a car is the ultimate option which not in public transport category.

First of all,  the ETS isn’t expensive,  which priced at RM59 from Penang Butterworth to KL sentral. Secondly, it considerably fast  which took approximately 4hours plus depend how many stations it stops. Yes,  thought it was express with limited stops but it wasn’t.  If their online system shows that the station no passenger going up or down,  they will skip and won’t stop. So if you’re lucky that in between Pg-KL not many people going up or down from remote station, your train will arrive sooner.  Although each station stop just took probably 30 to 60 seconds,  but it’s annoying still. Generally, the ride was comfort, good legroom, adequate A/C and it had some movies playing along the ride. You may walk around to stretch your leg as well, but do take care of your belongings if you travel alone.

Stop all the BS,  you may buy  the ticket from any train station or book online which cost extra RM2 for Internet booking.

Visit here to book your ticket.  But first do a quick registration of your personal details for an account with them before you can proceed further. It accept credit card payment or bank transfer.





It has wide leg room,  mini food stall, chills a/c and mini TV.  Although i felt that the foods and drinks were sold slightly overpriced. Find it yourself.

Bali, Indonesia – Part 2

Wow, does anyone knows how long had my blog down? Bet not, wasn’t aware that until now. Probably it’s time too for me to do some minor update. The reason being was because the earlier hacker  thingy blocked my earlier post due to his name was there, caused my blog not to be loaded.  Excellent….

Anyway, it’s been a year since my last update. And this part 2 of Bali-Indonesia was already long past, cant remember the details. So just to share some photos I took back then.

1. Preparing for Dolphine hunt

2. 2k for a leak

3. Somehow familiar, LOTR?

4. One of the famous

5. Beaches – What else to expect at Bali?

6. Err.. boat?

7. Hmm… the blue sky is the subject actually.

8. Cliff…

9. Cliff again

10. A MUST try. Famous pork ribs

11. Don’t be shy, give me a kiss!

12. One of the recommended hotel. Strategic location, comfort and clean.

Alright folks, that’s all for Bali. A worthwhile trip afterall with buddies and friends.



Bali, Indonesia – Part I

Was supposedly update my blog happily today but damn, found my blog was hacked! All my blog posts titles were edited. I have to restore back my old database in order to proceed this post. Well, not in good mood to update in details about Bali.

Summarized it, it was a fun trip with gang of bros and sis. 6 days 5 nights stay, which just adequately enough to explore Bali. It should covered 90% of Bali tourism areas. Well, don’t worry if you missed some, I’m pretty sure you’ll revisit Bali someday again. Next visit will not be so hectic as first because it will be more on relaxing tour than first rushing tour.

I’ll post more information on Bali in my next post I guess. About tour itenerary, tour guide recommendation and so on. As I said, not in mood now.

1.Barong Dance – Bali Style Lion Dance

2.Terrace Rice Field

3.Kintamani Volcano

4.Where the famous – Luwak Coffee available

5.You’ll get 5 types of free coffee – Chocolate, Gingseng, Lemon, Balinese, Ginger and a paid (Rp50k) Luwak coffee.

6.Yeah- we ate his shit.

7.The Gangster group

8.Take a bath – you’ll be the lucky one.

9.Ubud view – From Biyukukung suite

10.They so called must have – Dirty duck

11.Biyukukung Suite

12.Waiting a minute, its not swimming pool!

13.Good morning – Ubud


15. What so special ? Goa Gajah

16.Babi Guling – Taste bad , perhaps just not our favour.

17.Ready to roll – Dolphin pursuit

18.Let’s go to the sea…

19.Yeah, sunrising

20.It’s cold here, I wonder.

21.View from restaurant.

22.It’s very bright sky actually.

23.The famaous one, tanah lot.

It’s not done, there are few more yet to post. So come back later for more. Thank you for viewing, but don’t hack!

Kek Lok Si – Penang

Wow, nearly half a year my blog not being updated.  Almost forgotten my login username and password.

Anyway, here I am again. Thanks to Derick who invited me to this shootout, which kick start the blog update passion again for me. The shootout wasn’t really easy though. I’ve been bugging by number of mosquitoes which sized of a flies! Yeah, I didn’t write it wrong, its that big! At some moment I did thought of leaving the shootout even the Kek Lok Si’s lighting yet being lid up. But I managed to donate some blood and finished it.

Not too sure what to shoot. Every year thousands of photographers are here, thousands of photos had posted. So don’t put too high expectation on this. Yeah, just another various shots by one of the photographer there, me.

Thanks for viewing! 😀

Pulau Besar, Mersing – Johor

Again, wasn’t the real time update. These shots I’m going to upload were taken months ago. It was our company 1st ever TeamBuilding which opened for all level staffs. Well, not sure whether was the first to the company but it was to me. A last minutes invitation from HR, which probably to fill up the void headcount left. Anyway, who cares, it’s a paid  trip afterall.

It was a long journey bus trip from KL to Mersing,Johor. It took nearly 7-8 hours to arrive, start 12am and reached Mersing Jeti at 8.30am, duh… In short, the whole trip was relaxing but boring. Never been to Redang so can’t compare the cleanliness of the beaches, but looks good to me though.

There you go, the snap shots of the Pulau Besar.

One Night in Hatyai

After numerous busy weekends, finally I had a break. A break free without work at Hat Yai. As a Malaysian, if you do not know where Hat Yai was, you should felt ashame of yourself. It is famously located at southern part of our neighbour, Thailand.  Tired of works lately, therefore not going to write an introduction or itenerary of the trip.

Took some photos during the trip, so here you go. It might take sometimes to load, sorry about that. Lazy to create photo slide.

1. Moonlit at 6am.

2. Namo namo

3. Amitaba

4. Hat Yai

5. Hat Yai street


7. What light now?

8. Ultraman

9. Virtual Dish?

10. Mirror

11. Say Cheese

12. Oh my car

13. Ying Yang

14. Bagssss

15. Shoe

16. Bag

17. Shoooeeeesss

18. I can buy you this one, anyone?

19. Hot sunny day, a coconut drink will  freshen you up.

20. Group Photo

21. Car coming, stay aside.


Whoever driving frequently up and down on the North South Expressway, should aware of what speed trap I’m talking about. Its about they ‘shoot’ you somewhere in nowhere, and halt you down in front. Then you will see a few monkeys waving you to aside if you did speed. Waited them to have some ‘Matrix’ slow motion walk towards you car, talked some monkey languages asking for peanuts I guess, due to you had scared off their pants during your cruise on highway, telling you how fast you had achieved!

So, got the better images what I’m telling? If you don’t, maybe you’re not a driver or simply just a village’s driver. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, when it did happened to you, DO NOT bribe them  with ‘peanuts’, it’s totally a disaster! It happened to me twice. I bribed them with peanuts, ofcoz next thing they will be happily letting you go. You may think “Thank God”, that giving them some peanuts now rather later received a summons asking for more peanuts. If that so, you are so damn screwed. Because no matter what, you still receiving that summonses, the peanuts you gave him earlier just as their bonus income. The big chunk of peanuts request letter are  on queuing  to your home in a week or two!

From now onwards, I will not give a crap to this. Just issue the summonses they want on the spot which usually wouldn’t happened, coz I rather prefer receive the handwritten summonses than the later, coz hand written summonses can get 50% discount instead the letter summonses just 30%. Beware guys, do not follow my trail unless you want to experience it yourself!

Ferringghi Garden , Penang

I know, its been months I never updated my blog.  Sorry, will try to update my blog more often as  my laptop sent for repair for the 2nd time. I just got it back few weeks back. During that period I didn’t shoot any photos, so don’t know what to update as well.

Yes, Ferringhi Garden Restaurant, sounds expensive right? Well not quite true. Apparently the price tags are lower than other restaurants around the area, depend on what sort of foods you’re comparing with. Given the envrionment and decoration of a restaurant of such, its cheap or competitive I should say.  The decor match on their title – Garden. It has Garden feel coz alot of flowers, plants and so which you can expect from a garden. Would it be alot of mosquitoes? I can’t assure you that, atleast not that night we went .

I made a reservation for 2, but they didn’t ask for it. They served walk in guests anytime, perhaps plenty of tables available. Unless they have functions or events, else we can just walk in to dine. It make sense because alot tourists around that area, they should ready for walk in guests anytime! It was to celebrate Khaisui’s birthday with this kinda romantic restaurant, glad she likes it. 😀 Overally, I highly recommend this place for a candle light dinner with your love one or any sort of gathering with friends. Reasonable price, relaxing environment and good services.

We reached the restaurant kinda late, and its getting dark. Unfortunately, my flash gun battery running low, unable to shoot as the lighting not appropriate for shooting. Anyhow managed to shoot some before the battery ran flat.

Driving Up Hills

A short yet fun trip to Genting. It was about 2 months ago, 2 days 1 night stay. Sounded rush right? Yeah, a bit rush but literally it was fun. Since it was months ago story, I don’t think I still needed to bring the past back here! Anyway, you can visit Derick’s blog for some others shots at Genting which I didn’t show it here . So just enjoy the photos I took.

Please click on the photo for more!


Camy & Ken

In exactly 2 months of wait, I finally had my laptop back. So 1st thing 1st, I must complete my buddy Ken’s photos. Their wedding already held months ago, I feel sorry for letting them waited for so long. But, since i’m not their main photographer, therefore I supposed I was allowed to be abit delay. 😀

Anyway, looking at those photos, I just realized how useful it would be to have a flash gun attached. I got many blurry shots. 🙁 Luckily the lens i used could compensate the absent of flashgun, not thoroughly but at least helped!  So bear with those blurry shots, treat it as some sort of effects then. 😛  In order not to interfere their hired photographer, those angles were what I capable of. I’m just one another photographer from dozens at there.

Please click on the photos for more!
Ken & Camy