Welcome to Vincenz’s Outpost

Welcome to my new website, should have say new personal webhosted domain!

1st of all, I never would have thought of getting 1 personal domain myself. Why? Because Nowadays, alot of things you can get it free from internet. Whether it be Mp3, movies, informations and etc. Blogging? No problem at all. There are numerous of websites provide free blogging, especially those giant provider like Google, Microsoft (msn), Yahoo and so, you name it, you have it! So who would pay few hundreds just to get a domain and doing the same thing- blogging? Of cause, things you get it free, you couldnt expect too much features you might want, the limitations were there. Just give and take.

Why would someone paid few hundreds to get a domain? I must clarify on this. You’re not just getting a domain name at your call, you get web spaces as well. Probably 10Gb or so. The larger you have, the more you pay. None free provider can offers you 10Gb of space, so this the 1st limitation. What’s the space for? Hmm… tricky question. If you just pure writter without need of any picture or photo for illustration, well, just get the damn free one! The spaces you can used it to store your photos and shared it to others in larger and quality format. That is the reason you need it. Normal free blogging site were only allowed standard size and lower in quality photos to be uploaded. So if you’re not perfectionist, and expect readers won’t notice it, then you’re so wrong. In that case you might as well don’t post it!

With various and thousands type of widgets and plugins allowed to use in a domain hosted blog, your blog will had a fresher, outstanding, unique layout and Differently that non others free blogger site can offer! There’re a lot of other cool stuffs that I can list out which I won’t do it now. So get yourself a webhosted domain blog, I’ll show it to you personally!

I don’t really know why I need a blog. What’s the point? Sharing? Perhaps, but don’t expect I would tell you my secret or personal life over here! There’s no so called secret in this world, WWW (World wide web). Personal stuffs will share it personally. Secrets, will remain sharing between me inside. Told you its secret, how to tell? Haha… So  basically what you can read or get from here are some photos I took, my views, events that happened recently which I did involved in, and some reviews. How about news? Go to read newspaper yourself, I’m not a reporter!

Ok, again, welcome you guys giving me supports all this while. Highly appreciated. Feel free to drop by and  have a look, check out what’s going on recently by me. Of coz, I don’t think I’m charming enough to attract you guys just to check out me all the time, beside me there’re still other infos or photos can be viewed from here! Give some comments and so, I’ll try my best to keep this blog updated as frequently as possible.


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  1. Haha…. i think i should host a forum instead blog. Then you can post more than just comments! LOL 🙂

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