UEFA 2008

The new trophy for the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament
Just came across these few days seem the traffic kind of easing without many cars on the road. Is it because of Euro 2008 or due to lately fuel price increase? Personally i think both also play the part.

Everyone seem to sleep early in prepare for the late kick off matches of Euro 2008. The earliest match starts at 12am which most peoples were already sound in slept, whereas the following match starts at 2.30am where majority peoples were having sweet dream counting their money or dating someone in dream. Except those hardcore football fanzy or gambler holding their hand for the team they bet on or support on. Well, who really does care about this Euro if your neither both of them. Anyway, maybe just “Ooh, who win or who lose?” on the next day. At the end of the tournament, “Wow, XXX Team finally won!”. So? My pocket or wallet won’t full disregard which team won, so better have a good night sleep much practical! By the way, I do hope Holland could win this Euro2008 as I’m supporter for Holland team. Viva Holland!

Hmm…RM2.70/L of RON97 petrol, sounds a little bit ridiculous in Malaysia as we are one of the crude oil exporter country. Thus we still being the scapegoat for the price increase in crude oil by our government. THANKS FOR OUR “HELPFUL & RESPONSIBLE” GOVERNMENT! New rebate scheme is useless for those frequent traveller like me. Because of this I have to train hard on my right foot to the accelerate pedal. Keep the car movin smooth and without pushing too hard on it. Sigh, some good points maybe can help on reducing receive speed summonses and probably can squeeze a little extra mileages. Safety one thing, perhaps it can improve your joy of driving by seeing things you never had seen when you’re on speeds. Yeah, right! How ironically! It is not country seaside with beautiful scenery to stop-look, majority just some same old shop houses.

Back to the title, so peoples are cutting short all those unnecessary trips to save fuel? To do that by taking our crappy public transports or car pool? I doubt on that as nowadays human is too dependent on their car than their legs. Even within a few hundreds meter they still prefer to drive over. Actually can’t blame on them as crime or snatch thugs happened anytime anywhere, better in protection by a square box than exposed to them. Perhaps they all just stay at home and sleep early for a healthy life rather wasted fuel hanging outside.

So at the moment I think they still haven’t overcame the aftershock of the fuel prices hike, but gradually after some while the busy traffic will resumed no matter how. With in progress Euro2008, hopefully coming weeks the traffic still smooth flowing and easing to drive on. Get my finger cross!

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