Whoever driving frequently up and down on the North South Expressway, should aware of what speed trap I’m talking about. Its about they ‘shoot’ you somewhere in nowhere, and halt you down in front. Then you will see a few monkeys waving you to aside if you did speed. Waited them to have some ‘Matrix’ slow motion walk towards you car, talked some monkey languages asking for peanuts I guess, due to you had scared off their pants during your cruise on highway, telling you how fast you had achieved!

So, got the better images what I’m telling? If you don’t, maybe you’re not a driver or simply just a village’s driver. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, when it did happened to you, DO NOT bribe them  with ‘peanuts’, it’s totally a disaster! It happened to me twice. I bribed them with peanuts, ofcoz next thing they will be happily letting you go. You may think “Thank God”, that giving them some peanuts now rather later received a summons asking for more peanuts. If that so, you are so damn screwed. Because no matter what, you still receiving that summonses, the peanuts you gave him earlier just as their bonus income. The big chunk of peanuts request letter are  on queuing  to your home in a week or two!

From now onwards, I will not give a crap to this. Just issue the summonses they want on the spot which usually wouldn’t happened, coz I rather prefer receive the handwritten summonses than the later, coz hand written summonses can get 50% discount instead the letter summonses just 30%. Beware guys, do not follow my trail unless you want to experience it yourself!