Soho – Autocity

A nice place to hang out. Great environments, nice songs were played and various type of drinks, but for the foods were just so so. The building’s design are based on France style or maybe British. Anyhow its definitely worth you a visit.

I went for my candle light dinner with my dear khaisui there for my birthday dinner. Frankly, this not the right place to have a candle light dinner, but since I never been there, so it worth for a try. I ordered 2 glasses of beers, 1 is Kilkenny and another 1 is Heineken. You can check that out in the photo gallery.

The inner side were kinda dark and the lights were too dim to take a shot. Luckily I had my fast prime lens attached, and set my camera to ISO3200. So I still managed to take few shots in it. I’m impressed with the D90 on handling noise, even at ISO3200 it still performed admirably!

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