Bali, Indonesia – Part 2

Wow, does anyone knows how long had my blog down? Bet not, wasn’t aware that until now. Probably it’s time too for me to do some minor update. The reason being was because the earlier hacker  thingy blocked my earlier post due to his name was there, caused my blog not to be loaded.  Excellent….

Anyway, it’s been a year since my last update. And this part 2 of Bali-Indonesia was already long past, cant remember the details. So just to share some photos I took back then.

1. Preparing for Dolphine hunt

2. 2k for a leak

3. Somehow familiar, LOTR?

4. One of the famous

5. Beaches – What else to expect at Bali?

6. Err.. boat?

7. Hmm… the blue sky is the subject actually.

8. Cliff…

9. Cliff again

10. A MUST try. Famous pork ribs

11. Don’t be shy, give me a kiss!

12. One of the recommended hotel. Strategic location, comfort and clean.

Alright folks, that’s all for Bali. A worthwhile trip afterall with buddies and friends.



Bali, Indonesia – Part I

Was supposedly update my blog happily today but damn, found my blog was hacked! All my blog posts titles were edited. I have to restore back my old database in order to proceed this post. Well, not in good mood to update in details about Bali.

Summarized it, it was a fun trip with gang of bros and sis. 6 days 5 nights stay, which just adequately enough to explore Bali. It should covered 90% of Bali tourism areas. Well, don’t worry if you missed some, I’m pretty sure you’ll revisit Bali someday again. Next visit will not be so hectic as first because it will be more on relaxing tour than first rushing tour.

I’ll post more information on Bali in my next post I guess. About tour itenerary, tour guide recommendation and so on. As I said, not in mood now.

1.Barong Dance – Bali Style Lion Dance

2.Terrace Rice Field

3.Kintamani Volcano

4.Where the famous – Luwak Coffee available

5.You’ll get 5 types of free coffee – Chocolate, Gingseng, Lemon, Balinese, Ginger and a paid (Rp50k) Luwak coffee.

6.Yeah- we ate his shit.

7.The Gangster group

8.Take a bath – you’ll be the lucky one.

9.Ubud view – From Biyukukung suite

10.They so called must have – Dirty duck

11.Biyukukung Suite

12.Waiting a minute, its not swimming pool!

13.Good morning – Ubud


15. What so special ? Goa Gajah

16.Babi Guling – Taste bad , perhaps just not our favour.

17.Ready to roll – Dolphin pursuit

18.Let’s go to the sea…

19.Yeah, sunrising

20.It’s cold here, I wonder.

21.View from restaurant.

22.It’s very bright sky actually.

23.The famaous one, tanah lot.

It’s not done, there are few more yet to post. So come back later for more. Thank you for viewing, but don’t hack!

Kek Lok Si – Penang

Wow, nearly half a year my blog not being updated.  Almost forgotten my login username and password.

Anyway, here I am again. Thanks to Derick who invited me to this shootout, which kick start the blog update passion again for me. The shootout wasn’t really easy though. I’ve been bugging by number of mosquitoes which sized of a flies! Yeah, I didn’t write it wrong, its that big! At some moment I did thought of leaving the shootout even the Kek Lok Si’s lighting yet being lid up. But I managed to donate some blood and finished it.

Not too sure what to shoot. Every year thousands of photographers are here, thousands of photos had posted. So don’t put too high expectation on this. Yeah, just another various shots by one of the photographer there, me.

Thanks for viewing! 😀

Driving Up Hills

A short yet fun trip to Genting. It was about 2 months ago, 2 days 1 night stay. Sounded rush right? Yeah, a bit rush but literally it was fun. Since it was months ago story, I don’t think I still needed to bring the past back here! Anyway, you can visit Derick’s blog for some others shots at Genting which I didn’t show it here . So just enjoy the photos I took.

Please click on the photo for more!


Camy & Ken – Preview

1st of all, congratulation to my buddy Ken and his wife Camy. Their wedding ceremony held on last month 26 September 2009 which I had a chance to take some photos for them. I know, its abit delayed, and it going to be extended delay though, cause my laptop sent for warranty claim.  🙁 I got no idea when it will be ready. So in the mean time, only selected photo will be up. The rest, bear with me ya….

Ken & Camy

Building Car People First

Anyone knows what this slogan meant for? It actually a slogan which Perodua used. Sort of like  Nissan’s slogan – “Shift the future”, Honda’s  slogan – “The power of dream” and so on. Well, those slogans are quite clear and understandable what they going to deliver and what expectation to customer, but “Building Cars People First” ???

Anyway, they launched  a new facelift version of Viva recently which called Viva Elite. However, no major changes compared to the existing model. Just some minor changes at the front/back bumper which come with foglamps, front grill changed which look smilar to Nissan Grand Lavina, and basically those changes just more to appearance.  Nothing significant changed on performance.

In conclusion, that’s the way most car manufacturers will do. A little changes, but a marginable profit cause of newly increased pricing for new model, business nature. Anyhow I think the new facelift really done Viva a better look. Look a little bigger, cause of the front grille I guess. 😀

Front Gril
Front Grille that looks like Nissan Grand Lavina.

New Foglamps

14" Rims
14″ Alloy Rims

Front Bumper
Front Bumper

Elite Viva