CNY – Chap Goh Meh

It’s Chap Goh Meh (元宵节)today. The 2009 CNY ended gracefully yet so quick… Never really feel the festival mood as like the past. Probably economy downfall caused most peoples holding tight on their budget, even to some gigantic companies also cut cost and did not publish some funny commercial advertisement about CNY this year!  Anyhow, overally this CNY nothing much to cheer about too… 🙁

So, today is the day for those single & available guys and girls to throw mandarin oranges or apples to the river/sea/drain, in pursuit to acquire another half partner exist in this year. Good luck in search to all ‘single’ guys & girls!  😀 I’m already out of catergories, only can eat , not throw!

Below picture is the chap goh meh full moon, 1st full moon in Ox year!  Wishing you guys Happy Chinese new year and all the best in years ahead!! By the way, the 200mm lens not enough to reach or close up to the moon. If you want to take picture of the moon, perhaps 400mm onwards!

Full Moon


I don’t know about others, but for me it was a boring CNY. My festival mood just lasted for 2 days, and that was on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY only. Probably due to I started to work soon after the 2days PH of CNY. I did not take any leaves during that period because I wanna save it for my exam. Oh ya, beside that, I needed to stay home and preparing my MCSE exam as well. So what a boring CNY it was.

Just took the exam I’ve prepared for on today. I’m delighted that I passed it with good result (scores 945/1000), yeah, I did it again… 😀 At the mean time while before I begin my next exam paper preparation, wanna share some photos I took during my boredom CNY and after sending my younger sister to airport. She’s going back to Australia after weeks of holiday in Malaysia. We’ll miss you sis. Take care!

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The OX is coming to town!

Chinese Opera

Once upon a time, there wasn’t any DTS (Digital Theater System) or Dolby Pro Logic or AC3 equiped sound system theater show, not to mention 100 over inches projected screen, hard stiffened chairs/benches, hot and open air environments, chinese tea served and so on. But you get a live and real action show that not repeatable. Yeah, chinese opera drama it was. There were numerous types of chinese opera with Peking opera the most famous among. You can google on it’s history if you interested to know more.

Various genres of movies, repeatable, comfort cushions, various types digital surround sound systems, >100 inches projected screen,  air-conditioned, pop corn,  and so many more. There were numerous cinemas for you to choose with GSC the most famous one. Right, those are what you get nowadays.

Chinese opera was the only drama or musical dance they could have in the past. Why was it so interesting about? Because that was the only entertainment they had, so nothing else they could choose to watch beside this. In contrary of that, now we can choose from different cinemas with different genres of movies on show. Just that we don’t have the extra times to watch them all. As times flew, chinese opera evolved to another dimension. It’s audience changed from human to god/ghost. Whenever an event held for god or ghost, you’ll see a stage infront, you’ll know there will be a chinese opera show. Anyway, you won’t be able to see ‘them‘ watching even though it meant for ‘them‘, in fact all you’ll see are human being were watching. Unless you can see ‘them‘, then remember to let me know.

As promised in my previous post, will upload some photos I took for the chinese opera show. Anyone still got no idea what a Chinese Opera show was, check out those photos, I’m pretty sure once you saw the photo, you’ll know. Thanks my buddy Derick again for the invite on this photo shootout. If you don’t know him, refer to photo no.22. 😛 All comments and critics are welcomed. 

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Chinese Opera