Taylors Hill – Melbourne

Wondering where is it? Well, you ain’t gonna find it in Malaysia, it’s located in Melbourne, Australia. Taylors Hill is an area name, while Eloura Place is the residential name as like what we used “Taman Eluora” in Malaysia. It’s located about 20-30 minutes drive from Melbourne city, depend on whether you use paid highway or normal city road. Logically say it’s not really an outskirt place because considered Australia geographic size, then you’ll know how near it was.

We bought this house at AUD320K and coming to AUD350K now including all charges and fees, during the the highest exchange rate currency at Australia which was 3.1xx, luckily now they dropped tremendously to around 2.4xx now. Else we might end up paying for RM 1+ million for it. Now the houses were built and ready for purchaser to do inspection on the house before they hand it over to purchaser. I’m kinda impressed that they were very efficient in the way that the houses were built in less than 6 months. And it included some basic furnitures like in-built closet for every rooms, kitchen area, long bathtub and so. That means you can moved in straight with minimal furnitures.

My sisters went for the house inspection and took a few shots with their camera phones few weeks back. I would like to share some of the photos they took with you. Quality of the photo might compromised abit due to resize and was using camera phone, don’t expect too much pls! There were many photos she took but I’m not going to post every single pictures, just share some and let you see the overall picture of the house.

I’m impressed that the kitchen were furnished all together, not like in Malaysia where you need to do it your own.


It said to be total of around 3800Sq ft, but I doubt it. Look at the frontyard, perhaps need to be there to see to believe.
Front Yard

Looks deepening…:D
Front Door

Stupid developer who installed a lamp post just in front of the main entrance. Luckily it’s not exact middle of the entrance. Else we might need to tear it down…:(
Front left

Car porch garage….
Front right

The sky were so blue…yes, that’s my neighbour house.

Floor plan of the build up area, not the whole unit land area.
Floor plan