Golden Triangle, Autocity

Golden Triangle interlinked 3 different countries which are Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. It used to be a famous place on opium producing/smuggling and other illegal activities here. Not too sure whether those activities still on going, but I won’t bother to find it out.

The Golden Triangle I’m going to talk about is nothing to do with opium or any other smuggler activities, its about a restaurant! It named Golden Triangle because they have some similarity in between. Both were also related to Thailand, Vietnam & Laos. Just that one is about opium and another one is about food. The restaurant offers famous foods from above mentioned 3 countries. That means you can tried 3 different tastes of food in 1 restaurant. Sound cool eh? Well, you may find the restaurant at Autocity, Juru, Penang. Next to Boston (又一城).
Please follow the link here for more details.

We went on last Thursday to celebrate on Khaisui’s Birthday. The restaurant’s environment are excellent, nice design and feel. The waiters/waitress were very friendly and helpful. We paid RM45nett per pax for a buffet dinner. Its not like those buffets you had in hotels, it has menu for you to choose and order. That’s mean foods were cooked only as requested. Kind of “Eat all you can” in ala carte style.  Anyway, its recommended to go in group, perhaps 4-8 persons, else you couldn’t taste all the dishes in menu.  Overally, this restaurant is Recommended to all, nice foods, reasonable price and good environments.

I managed to shoot a few pictures during the dinner.  Some photos weren’t sharp and some kinda blur. We ordered more than 10 dishes but I didn’t manage to shoot all. Sorry about that, was busy eating and the lighting kinda dark over there. 😛

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