It’s been sometime since I last updated my blog. Reason being was I’m too busy on my MCSE exam preparation. Finally, I have completed the MCSE exam and now I’m officially MCP,MCSA, MCSA+Messaging and MCSE!! 😀 Having the chance that KhaiSui ex-boss inviting her to help out on the event, I can follow her there to have some shoot out on the event.

Actually I just managed to shoot on the pre-event preparation, cause we left early. No chance to join the party as at 1st I heard was an invitation card needed to enter. Later on I found out that I just need to fill up the registration card will do. Sigh, that was already on the next day! 🙁 I missed all the free flow drinks!

We reached QE2 around 6pm and it was an ON/OFF rainny day. Bad day to shoot photo as the sky wasn’t blue, and the overall lighting kinda dark. So I needed to set higher ISO for those photos I shot. Anyhow still at an acceptable image quality.

Please click on the image below for more!