Victor & Maggie – ROM

 1st of all, congratulation to Victor & Maggie. Wish you guys have a happily ever after marriage. Their ROM (Registry of Marriage) happened on 7 Oct 2008 which also 9 Sept in Chinese Calendar. It was a nice day for committing in marriage. 9 in chinese stand for long(duration) in chinese, so we wish their marriage also same as the meaning – long long…

He’s been quiet about his ROM until we asked. Not sure why he wanted to keep it secretly. It supposed a happy day to share, but we’re not really been invited until the day before his ROM. Somemore invited with just SMS, sound like “come only if you can, otherwise just ignore it”. Well, we did make ourself free to attend though.
Never had attended any ROM before, so I’m quite anxious what would it be, what are the things should and shouldn’t do. It could be my references for my own ROM someday! There were 5 couples waiting and to make their oaths. The procedures are very simple. Each pair just took about 10-15mins to finish off took the oaths, signing and photography session. Except our friend Vict&Mag pair. There were 5-6 cameras around, shooting at them. And I think probably every angles were well covered, some shooting videos, some photos and for me just photos. I could said that they were the most happening pair on that night! Because that, I couldnt have a good position to shoot at them, all the nice spots were well taken by others. I just could do my mighty best to shoot at the spot i stand.
So now stop all those craps, let’s rewind back the night with pictures. Picture does tell a story, listen and see yourself. Of cause I’m not going to post all photos I took, just some highlights of the night. For more pictures of that night, please acquire from Victor.



P/s : Please click on the image for more photos.