Valentine’s day, 2009

Well well, Valentine’s Bridge. What is that mean to you?  Bridge that built by valentine? Bridge that can accelerated a couple relationship? Hell no, it’s just a simple bridge exist at Autocity,Juru. It meant nothing as it used for many festival events held at Autocity. Different events with different names. When it come to the day of February 14th, it automatic renamed and become a Valentine’s bridge. Anyhow it was there for years now, you can call it a mini Penang bridge, Hello Kitty bridge, and whatsoever you might see it with, some minor changes were enough to rename the bridge. With a heart shape neon lights in the middle, it now called Valentine’s Bridge!

Went to Autocity’s Starbucks to meet up Derick and Cindy after my Valentine’s day dinner with Khaisui. Short and brief enough? Yeah, that basically was my valentine’s day schedule. Nothing much special though, so don’t bother to talk about! Just wanna share some photos of the Valentine’s Bridge. Just incase you have not had the chance to see the so call multi-purpose bridge, here you go.

Ignore the factory outlet banner! 😛

What it looks to you?

Love is in the air?

Starbucks @ Autocity

Derick was playing with his new toy! 😀

Soho – Autocity

A nice place to hang out. Great environments, nice songs were played and various type of drinks, but for the foods were just so so. The building’s design are based on France style or maybe British. Anyhow its definitely worth you a visit.

I went for my candle light dinner with my dear khaisui there for my birthday dinner. Frankly, this not the right place to have a candle light dinner, but since I never been there, so it worth for a try. I ordered 2 glasses of beers, 1 is Kilkenny and another 1 is Heineken. You can check that out in the photo gallery.

The inner side were kinda dark and the lights were too dim to take a shot. Luckily I had my fast prime lens attached, and set my camera to ISO3200. So I still managed to take few shots in it. I’m impressed with the D90 on handling noise, even at ISO3200 it still performed admirably!

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