Don’t Cry

My elder sister finally made up her mind and went to Melbourne, Australia to further her study last Saturday, 18/10/2008. It was not easy for anyone to do so as she needs to give up her nursery business, friends and family here in Malaysia. But she wasn’t alone there, because my younger sister already there for years. She can take care of my elder sister and help her adapt to her new life better. If without anyone there and asked she to go alone, I wonder would she emotional crash of homesick…

Well, some of you might already know that I planned to migrate to Australia. The main requirements to get myself there are my IT skills. So I need to further enhance my existing IT skills or add a few more certificates for my disposal. That is what I am focusing on now. I am currently pursuing my MCSE certificates, total of 7 exam papers which I already passed a few and left a few more. Once done I need to submit all my certificates and IT working experiences for skill assessment, by Australia appointed association which is ACS (Australian Computer Society). After received the approval that show I’m qualified in the skill assessment, then only I can submit my PR application under skilled worker category. Anyway, it was a long ongoing process and progress. Some took years to finalize everything and got their PR (Permanent Resident). And this is my route to Australia!

My sister previously involved in education industry- nursery and kindergarten, which not under consideration for skilled worker migration. Under these circumstances, she got no choice but to further her study. She chose to study nursing course because of the benefits a nurse can get and most of all, nurse always a shortage in every country. Once she graduated, hopefully the local hospital can hire her and help her to acquire her PR. That is the better and easier way because when there is a company willing to sponsor you, your chances to acquired PR are doubled up! So that is her route to Australia!
Ok, so please stop asking me how’s my Australia plan and etc. I will keep you guys posted. Visit my blog occasionally and you’ll know what the stage and status. Read it yourself, when reach the stage that I got my PR approval, I will personally broadcasting to everyone I know!
Here some warming photos I took in airport when I send my sister off to Australia. Don’t cry la, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. We will take care ourselves, no worries! I will try my very best to join you as soon as possible, sis!


Orien – Farewell

Orien – He’ll be off to England on coming Tuesday, 21/10/2008. We would like to wish him all the best and good luck in search for £-Pound Sterling…. Anyone who just got to know about this, perhaps can give him a call to wish him before the date stated above.
Perhaps some of you might not know him, its definitely not a fruit (Orange) that going to sell off to England. Hmm… I dont really know how to write his chinese name, but pronounciation is abit similar to “Orange juice” in chinese. Anyway, if that couldnt helped to refresh your mind, probably look at the photos, you should know. By the way, pictures are freshly brew out from camera directly, no mods at all. Sorry if it looks ugly to you.
He’s applied WHVWorking Holiday Maker Visa which allowed you to have two years visa in England. This visa is actually meant for travel visa, jus that you are allowed to work part time to gather your travelling funds throughout the 2 years period in England. But professional job are not allowed, only those lower labour work like wash plates and waiters only. Dont ever underestimated this kind of job, it could bring you some fortunes if you had proper planned and well spent. The currency exchange rate to pound is quite high, 1 pound = ~RM6.10. So imagine you brought back around £90k, you’ll be a half millionair in Malaysia. Interested? Call him or browse around WWW for more information on this WHV.
We organized a farewell YC(yam char) session for him. As mentioned, YC session of caused no buffet food or whatsoever, just tea. The YC session held at Old Town, Autocity. Our usual hang out place. Actually its a nice place for gathering and normal chitchat session with friends, although abit noisy due to the “DREAM” pub is just next door. Anyhow, raise your voices will be fine or choose another corner end near Sega where much quieter.
Ok, share some photos I took during the YC session, his farewell gathering. Once again, we wish him all the best, and perhaps some sourveniers for us when he’s back here. :))

Victor & Maggie – ROM

 1st of all, congratulation to Victor & Maggie. Wish you guys have a happily ever after marriage. Their ROM (Registry of Marriage) happened on 7 Oct 2008 which also 9 Sept in Chinese Calendar. It was a nice day for committing in marriage. 9 in chinese stand for long(duration) in chinese, so we wish their marriage also same as the meaning – long long…

He’s been quiet about his ROM until we asked. Not sure why he wanted to keep it secretly. It supposed a happy day to share, but we’re not really been invited until the day before his ROM. Somemore invited with just SMS, sound like “come only if you can, otherwise just ignore it”. Well, we did make ourself free to attend though.
Never had attended any ROM before, so I’m quite anxious what would it be, what are the things should and shouldn’t do. It could be my references for my own ROM someday! There were 5 couples waiting and to make their oaths. The procedures are very simple. Each pair just took about 10-15mins to finish off took the oaths, signing and photography session. Except our friend Vict&Mag pair. There were 5-6 cameras around, shooting at them. And I think probably every angles were well covered, some shooting videos, some photos and for me just photos. I could said that they were the most happening pair on that night! Because that, I couldnt have a good position to shoot at them, all the nice spots were well taken by others. I just could do my mighty best to shoot at the spot i stand.
So now stop all those craps, let’s rewind back the night with pictures. Picture does tell a story, listen and see yourself. Of cause I’m not going to post all photos I took, just some highlights of the night. For more pictures of that night, please acquire from Victor.



P/s : Please click on the image for more photos.

Basset – RIP

On this day, 12/10/2008, the day your journey ended in our family and started your new journey to heaven. I knew this day will come someday, somehow just unexpectedly that soon.
Everything seem fast forwarding in my mind of you. I remember the very 1st day you been brought into our family while you’re still a little puppy of about 1month old. Wow, A “Hush Puppies” (a brand name of shoe)! No no no, hush puppies is just a shoe brand, you’re not shoe! We found out that your species were called “Basset Hound“, so we decided to use Basset as your name.
Ever since you came, you bring full of joys and happiness to our family. Accompany my mom while everyone went out for work, play with us and cheer us up with your sense of movement that make us laugh out loud. We’ll missed you so much!
I have no brother, so I treated you as my little brother. You’re part of our family. We loved you so much and we’re lucky to have you as part of our family. But now is the time, the god is calling so you must go. You may say goodbye to your pain filled days and endless of lonely nights. You’ve been struggled and done your mighty best for weeks, the battle has lost. So ironic that I must said, Yes, is time to go and you may go, take a step beyond and set your spirit free.
We knew we will got grief after you left, you wouldn’t want to see tears. Our hearts already filled full of tears, it takes time to dry. No worries about us, we can get through this. Let your spirit follow the angel to the heaven where you supposed to be. Someday, somewhere and somehow become our family guardian angel, protect us from sickness and danger, we do believe the day will come! In the meantime……
Rest In Peace – Basset.
Always remembered!

Would like to dedicate a song for you Basset. “I’ll be missing you – Puff daddy“!

Misc sky shots

Some photos to share with you guys. Below pictures were took at Gurney plaza 6th floor car park area and Pulau Aman, Tambun. Further shots from Pulau Aman will be updated later in another post because I wanted catergorize this post as Blue Skies.

Well, I may not have the expense of CPL filter to make the sky bluish and solid cloud but with some minor adjustments and tweaks, still managed to make it look a little similiarity in between, though not that blue or solid. Will get 1 CPL for myself and show you the differences of REAL effect from CPL and the tweaked photo effect, but at the mean time be accommodated to these pictures 1st. By the way, all comments are welcomed.

Grandma’s House

Just to share some photos I took while I’m at my grandma house recently. Few months ago I went KL to visit my grandma who was sick and admitted hospital. Although released from hospital just a few days stay, but stil not in good shape and mentally weak, cant really recognizing me. Revisitted her few days ago and saw her in good health and physically strong which makes me relief now. Wish her stay sickness free and healthy always!

On the 17/9/08, a 1 day public holiday (Nuzul Al-Quran) for most states, including Penang. So I took 1 day trip to KL to fetch my mom back to Penang. She’s back from Travel to Guang Zhou, China. Its tiring because thru and back from Pg-KL-Pg in 1 day! In the meantime I can pay a visit to my grandma, so is worth the tiring drive. Hopefully didn’t received any speed summonses all way long, get my finger cross!

Belows are some shots I took with my DSLR. I’m came across that the dog is very nice for photograph because of its eye contact on camera. Comments are welcomed!

Its not out focus, just some motion effects

Nikon D60

After weeks of research and survey, finally decided to choose Nikon over Canon. From what I heard and read, Nikon produced much natural photo than Canon, though it might biased caused some canon users did captured a very nice and natural photos. Anyhow whether the photo already PS (photoshop) to look natural, we might not know, only those who owned one should knew better. My primary aim is to shoot and ready to use without PS, which Nikon seem ahead on this. Any doubts that your canon has better, let be it. Yours better!
So why this model? Initially my preference was Nikon D80, but rumours mass spreading that Nikon D90 will be out this quarter during Photokina on September. It is the replacement for D80, which aged 2 yrs and some useful features like anti dust, live view and etc are not available. But it still a very powerful and advanced DSLR, a level higher than any entry-level DSLR but a level down to a Pro DSLR like D300 and above. I’m kinda struggle during that period to choose whether to get a D80 or wait for the D90.
As the D90 still remains rumour, and D80 will be obsolete soon, so I decided to look around other models like Canon 450D and Nikon D60. Of caused from specification POV, Canon should be the winner but the reviews on that doesn’t look good. At the end, I opt for the Nikon D60, although it don’t have internal focus motor and the focus very much depends on the lense. But who cares, nowadays alot of lenses coming out new specs which support internal focus, as long you got the money, you can have one, just the compatibility to older lense might be some issues.
I bought my Nikon D60 on 16 August 2008 and ironically the Nikon D90 announced launching on 27 August 2008 world wide… damn! Only if I could wait a week more, I might able to get the new D90! Sigh… so guys, dont ever too dependent on the news or infos you get from WWW, and always be patience in purchasing anything, never rush. Slow and steady. But, if everything is under control, means you’re going too slow!

Stepping into world of DSLR photography, you must expect your wallet in fulltime diet mode. Upgrade, upgrade and upgrade. It never end when you reach certain level, you will keep going and going. Lenses, tripod, filters and lots more stuff you may need to upgrade or enhance. So better make yourself clear on what kind of photograph you intented to : Portrait, Landscape, Candid, Studio and etc. Buy only suitable lenses to what you need, otherwise you might be the youngest ever photographer who declare bankrupcy due to lenses and other gadgets purchase.
Well, if you’re rich enough, that’s of cause not a problem. Only problem might be you need a large suitcase to fill in all your gadget wherever you go.
Overally, I’m quite impressed with this camera as it is very user friendly and ease of use. Very suitable for a beginner like me. Now just need to try a few shootout and train on the usage of this camera, see what it can be done. I owned a Canon Ixus860, so i expect the DSLR outcome must surpass the P&S DC anytime. Anyway, still on learning stage on the composition of a frame, don’t expect to much. Below are some sample of my photos captured with it. On the nightview photo, focus yourself on the “starlight” of the lamppost, ignore others! Still newbie, dont comment to hash ya… By the way, all below photos were original shot direct from camera, except the black n white.

UEFA 2008

The new trophy for the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament
Just came across these few days seem the traffic kind of easing without many cars on the road. Is it because of Euro 2008 or due to lately fuel price increase? Personally i think both also play the part.

Everyone seem to sleep early in prepare for the late kick off matches of Euro 2008. The earliest match starts at 12am which most peoples were already sound in slept, whereas the following match starts at 2.30am where majority peoples were having sweet dream counting their money or dating someone in dream. Except those hardcore football fanzy or gambler holding their hand for the team they bet on or support on. Well, who really does care about this Euro if your neither both of them. Anyway, maybe just “Ooh, who win or who lose?” on the next day. At the end of the tournament, “Wow, XXX Team finally won!”. So? My pocket or wallet won’t full disregard which team won, so better have a good night sleep much practical! By the way, I do hope Holland could win this Euro2008 as I’m supporter for Holland team. Viva Holland!

Hmm…RM2.70/L of RON97 petrol, sounds a little bit ridiculous in Malaysia as we are one of the crude oil exporter country. Thus we still being the scapegoat for the price increase in crude oil by our government. THANKS FOR OUR “HELPFUL & RESPONSIBLE” GOVERNMENT! New rebate scheme is useless for those frequent traveller like me. Because of this I have to train hard on my right foot to the accelerate pedal. Keep the car movin smooth and without pushing too hard on it. Sigh, some good points maybe can help on reducing receive speed summonses and probably can squeeze a little extra mileages. Safety one thing, perhaps it can improve your joy of driving by seeing things you never had seen when you’re on speeds. Yeah, right! How ironically! It is not country seaside with beautiful scenery to stop-look, majority just some same old shop houses.

Back to the title, so peoples are cutting short all those unnecessary trips to save fuel? To do that by taking our crappy public transports or car pool? I doubt on that as nowadays human is too dependent on their car than their legs. Even within a few hundreds meter they still prefer to drive over. Actually can’t blame on them as crime or snatch thugs happened anytime anywhere, better in protection by a square box than exposed to them. Perhaps they all just stay at home and sleep early for a healthy life rather wasted fuel hanging outside.

So at the moment I think they still haven’t overcame the aftershock of the fuel prices hike, but gradually after some while the busy traffic will resumed no matter how. With in progress Euro2008, hopefully coming weeks the traffic still smooth flowing and easing to drive on. Get my finger cross!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Please Click On Image for more Photos.

One of the famous tourism and 2nd largest city in Thailand. It located at approx. 700km north from Bangkok, among some of the highest moutains in the country. Don’t worry, I’m not going to repeat what already had in others website found on Internet, for more details or history of Chiang Mai, simply ‘google’ for it, you’ll find it bunch of websites listed.

So what I’m gonna write here is about my tour to Chiang Mai with my buddies, buddies tour instead Chiang Mai tour. Haha… We went on the 22nd March to 25th March, a 4 days 3 nights tour. If you have times or longer leaves available, perhaps you can stay 1 day longer, a 5days 4 nights tour as we missed some places not visit like the famous Long Neck Tribe Village, which it needed 1 full day to travel.

We booked Air Asia free and easy package which cost us approx. RM600 per couple on a round trip flight ticket plus taxes. Whereas I felt sympathy on my another buddy because he had to pay double our price which RM1200 because he booked later than us, but he’s a great buddy because kept his promises just to follow us for that trip. Well done, dude! 😉

On the accomodation, we booked earlier thru internet with a fairly cheaper discounted price. For the same hotel, you got discounted price if go Online, whereas you’ll get higher fixed rate prices if go local. So my advice is, beter search around for a discounted price online before you go over, suggesting you take a visit on this website, it has hotels around the world with customers feedback. You can read on the feedbacks and judge the hotel comfortability and overall rating before you decide on which hotels to stay. It offered best discounted internet rate for various hotels, hassle free and reliable which lessen your headache. Booked and check-in on the day you arrive, easily done. You dont have to carry all your luggages around to find hotels if you have done booking earlier. We choose Royal Lanna Hotel because it located centrally of the famous Night Bazaar (night market) within 5 mins walking distance, whcih easier for the girls shopping.

Take a visit on

And for the places we visit, I won’t explain it in details. As someone did said, “picture said thousand words”, so i just post some pictures to say it all.

Basically those are the places we visited, but there are a few more places we went but it is impossible for me to upload it all. The rest will leave it to you to explore. In short, it is a great place to visit for a sighseeing or shopping tour. Plan your vacation properly, best time to visit should be at year end where the weather much easing and colder(winter), and also on weekend where the Sunday Market is available. Simply drop me some comments if you need to know more about Chiang Mai (not about history pls, abt the tour only).


Aquarius Characteristics and Aquarius Personality

If you ever met someone that appeared to be charming, funny, tantalizing, and intelligent, it was probably an Aquarian Sign. They usually live in their own minds, filled with a world of ideas. Although they seem to possess a certain detached quality and may sometimes come across as removed from feelings, they are warm, outgoing, and very concerned with others.

These Humanitarians often are wary of emotion and like to deal rationally with life. Optimism is a big part of their nature, along with the knack of friendliness and the mastery of flirtation. If you want to get an Aquarian attention, you will need to intellectually stimulate them. Good conversation, including debates are a favorite past time of the Water Bearer. Open minded, People from Aquarius Astrology can accept criticism and understand others perceptions about things. If you have a problemus, they are always willing to listen, though after awhile, enough is enough. Tolerance is a big part of an Aquarians Sign temperament. Aquarians are slow to take offense, never jealous and never over emotional.

When planning a date with an Aquarius, you don’t have to go out of your way to impress them. Just about anything pleases them. From sharing a picnic lunch to a candle lit dinner, Chinese or Mexican, it doesn’t matter, as long as variety is on the menu. In time, a relationship can grow, built on trust. Never nag an Aquarius about a mistake. A mistake is unimportant to them, so don’t harp on it. If Aquarians are constantly told what is wrong, they will begin to feel unappreciated and the relationship can get rocky.

In any relationship, the Aquarian may find it hard to give of themselves but will always remain loyal and devoted to a worthy partner. When the Aquarius makes a promise, it’s usually never broken. However, if you become demanding, and critical, they may start to wonder elsewhere.

Aquarians want a partner to share in the adventures, along with the challenges, that life has to offer. Life with them will never be boring.