Phewww…finally got my blog up and running! If you did visit my blog recently, you should get a message “Under Construction”. Well, it was as I just switched another web hosting company. I switched from previously Exabytes to current Reason I changed because its time for me to renew my domain and web hosting yearly fees, and the existing Exabytes charged for RM268 a year plus RM55 for domain name renewal. Wow, that is freaking expensive especially for a non profited blogger like me! So I decided a switch is the solution!

After some sourcing, I found which offered the best deal. The package I took was RM138 yearly for a 20GB space, furthermore, its free domain name registration or renewal free for life.  What a bargain compared to the package I took in Exabytes, just 10GB space and a chargeable domain name renewal yearly, sucks!

Anyway, if anyone of you interested to have your own domain, you may consider this. The cheapest  package start from RM68, perhaps you take a quick glance at their website for more details. Overally, its cheap and affordable. Besides their customer service support, nothing much to complain about. I said so because Exabytes do have better customer support that is fast and responsive, which I sorely missed… 🙁

A quick link to their website. Access by clicking image below!


Camy & Ken – Preview

1st of all, congratulation to my buddy Ken and his wife Camy. Their wedding ceremony held on last month 26 September 2009 which I had a chance to take some photos for them. I know, its abit delayed, and it going to be extended delay though, cause my laptop sent for warranty claim.  🙁 I got no idea when it will be ready. So in the mean time, only selected photo will be up. The rest, bear with me ya….

Ken & Camy


A decade of long run relationship, finally came to an end. Don’t misunderstand, it actually signalled a new beginning. Yes, they are now officially “Married“. Today wasn’t just their ROM day, it was their 10th years anniversary too (If I’m not mistaken). How romantic and meaningful of this date will be! ROM on their 10th years anniversary? One word to describe, “Magnificent” !

The handsome groom Weng Hung and pretty bride Pei Ling are both my best friend for long. I’m glad to be here on this important day with them! The ceremony went quite fast which I felt abit unprofessional though; compared to those ROMs I attended before! Anyway, that doesn’t important, as long both of them did pen down on the papers, they are legally and officially married.

I’m here to congratulate them happy ROM and wishing them all the best! Cut short all those craps which I usually did in my previous blogrolls. Cause I knew not many really read through it. 😛 Now let me rewinded back their ROM with pictures I shot, not many cause did it in rush. May consider post more if applicable!

P/ S : Please click on the photo below for more!

Room 609 – Lisa De Inn

Lisa De Inn is one of the famous hotel in Petaling Jaya. It wasn’t famous for its cleanliness nor comfortableness, it actually famous for their “extra” services provided. Well, if you are lonely, you might be interested on this service, needed me to say what kind of services? Pay it a visit and ask around, you’ll find out!

However, I did stayed there in room 609 for 1 whole week on last week! Not ALONE, with my colleague, so I’m not that lonely or desperate for that kind of ‘extra’ services. Besides, to me it won’t happen in future as well. 😀 Just purely because it’s the only budget hotel available in P.J and furthermore my company has corporate account there. We have been assigned to KL to help out settle some outstanding issues at customer site. 

 It’s a boring stays as it just have a few astro channels which show some boring movies. Nothing special except the view from room 609 which I gonna show some to you. I didn’t bring my tripod along, so photos shot below were without tripod. I just use the windows frame as the steady base for my camera. Shooting angles and sharpness may compromised abit, bear with it ya… 😛






Building Car People First

Anyone knows what this slogan meant for? It actually a slogan which Perodua used. Sort of like  Nissan’s slogan – “Shift the future”, Honda’s  slogan – “The power of dream” and so on. Well, those slogans are quite clear and understandable what they going to deliver and what expectation to customer, but “Building Cars People First” ???

Anyway, they launched  a new facelift version of Viva recently which called Viva Elite. However, no major changes compared to the existing model. Just some minor changes at the front/back bumper which come with foglamps, front grill changed which look smilar to Nissan Grand Lavina, and basically those changes just more to appearance.  Nothing significant changed on performance.

In conclusion, that’s the way most car manufacturers will do. A little changes, but a marginable profit cause of newly increased pricing for new model, business nature. Anyhow I think the new facelift really done Viva a better look. Look a little bigger, cause of the front grille I guess. 😀

Front Gril
Front Grille that looks like Nissan Grand Lavina.

New Foglamps

14" Rims
14″ Alloy Rims

Front Bumper
Front Bumper

Elite Viva


I’m pretty sure anyone who lives in Seberang Perai will know what MPSP is. It is like MPPP in Penang Island. Lately I think  they should be kinda headache on funding for their bonuses for this coming Hari Raya festival. I keep receiving letters from them updating me what my total compounds yet to pay off. “Promotion” gives out by offering me RM50 for each compound which I have 8 in total! Well, sounded very efficient eh? But…..

I said, WTF, it supposed to be 40 cents parking fees, and now they penalty me for RM50 each, 8 x Rm50 =RM400! Oh gosh… a 1000% hikes! A promotion offers supposedly a certain % discount, not certain % increase! It can be seen that they really needed monies madly! I can’t fully blame them on these because I was given a grace period of 14 days to settle with RM10 when I 1st received the compound. Again, RM10 for maybe 65-75 minutes of parking? They thought their parking lots in KLCC? Even KLCC also cheaper than that! They should revise their stupid parking system. Atleast the officer should allow some allowances, for example let say exceeded 15-30mins, then only issue the compound ! Give some chances la!

Anyway, just wanna mumbling around. Today came 2 officers to my house looking for me, whom my neighbour claimed that they are police officer! They told her that “I” have alot summonses not yet clear. I doubt they were police, most probably I think they were MPSP officer, because I already cleared all my police summonses! First time I heard that officer came to house and collect debts, what a joke!  Should be Hari Raya coming, upper management instructed them whoever managed to collect back bad debts will be given extra bonuses this year! 😀

Anyone experienced this or does have some compound yet to pay? Better do it quick before they come to you! :S


Pantai Kerachut – Penang

If you are from Penang, I’m pretty sure you should hear this name occasionally from someone. Yeah, Pantai Kerachut. It actually a national park which interlink a few other beaches like Muka head, monkey beach and so. Exact what beaches are connected, I didn’t pay attention on the list though, but those mentioned are the famaous one.

If you like hiking and beaches, this combo place should suit you well. After finished some sweating hike, you’ll reach to a beach. You could either rent a boat and make an appointment with him for pickup before you start your journey, and wait at the dock after that; Or you could just hike it back to where you start.

The journey should take you about 45mins if you are a relatively fast hiker. For us, it took about 1.5hrs because we entered “Pit Stop” numerous of times… 😀 Stop for photo shooting, stop for drinks, stop for rest and so… It’s not really tough , I feel rather easy though. Compared to Bukit Tukun, Tukun is much tougher. If you really “into” hiking, Pantai Kerachut might not be your “cup of coffee”. Anyway, this place is more suitable for team building and friends gathering. One more thing to add on, “ninja turtles” are available to see. Remember to drop by if you have spare times.

Overally the place is nice and easing for some sweating exercise. But to me is kinda too far. It located somewhere people called it “End of the world”, because from Batu Ferringhi is just straight down  until end of road, you’re there!

The day we went was rainning. To avoid water goes into my camera, I didn’t really shoot many photos. Just some misc shots on our way. Would like to share it to you still.. 😛











Gasoline & Kissaten

1st of all, I must thanks my buddy Kennhyn who treated me at Kissaten, thank you bro. Back to Penang, on me!! Kissaten is a  restaurant which located in Jaya One at Petaling Jaya. It mainly served japanese cuisine and also all others international foods like pizza, chinese foods, desserts and so much more.  

1st glance at the Menu, all the foods/beverages are well displayed and catergorized. And there are so many to choose on, you might need a few visit atleast if you want to try out all in the menu. Ok, the important part is, the price range are very mass-oriented which considering cheap compared to other cafe, that’s the plus point!! Anyway, thanks to Kennhyn who knows the boss, he recommended us some dishes which not really in Menu, else might headache on what to choose. We ordered quite many and shared among 3 of us, else we won’t able to finish it all by ourself. The foods were well prepared and delicious, very Recommended to all!!

After that I went to another cafe with my cousins, Its Gasoline. Kind of like Segafredo but with different theme. The theme is more about online gaming I guess. Not too sure, perhaps those who saw the pictures will know. The design & decoration of the cafe kinda unique, never seen it anywhere in Penang. It located somewhere in the “The Herritage” which near “The Mines” in Seri Kembangan.  A good place to hang out with friends and some nice lake view around.

Shared here with some miscellaneous shots during the night at Kissaten & Gasoline. Not all dishes photo we ordered were took, cause too busy to eat. 😀 By the way,  Kissaten means cafe in japanese, another definition is because its so delicious till your “kiss a ten” fingers of yours!! 😛

Please click on the photo below for more!

Ben & Dyan

1st of all, let us congratulate the new couple, Ben & Dyan, wishing them Happy Wedding, may god bless them and all the best! Dyan is Khaisui’s cousin and we were attended her dinner at Vistana Hotel. Well, it was a little bit different to those dinners we attended before. Basically it still the same dinner process, just without noisy Emcee, noisy environments, but with some ‘Father/Priest talking’ and the main difference was,  we pray to ‘god’ before we eat. 😀  Yeah, typical christian trandition during meal I guess.

I’m not the photographer for them, just happened that my compact camera was out of battery. So I took out my SLR to simply shoot at will. Without interferred with other photographers, my shots were limited. Indoor shooting with dim lighting, it was kinda difficult without a flash unit. Anyway, its my virgin shots in a dinner. Hopes its not too bad to you. 😛

Please click on the photo for more! Ben&Dyan

Golden Triangle, Autocity

Golden Triangle interlinked 3 different countries which are Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. It used to be a famous place on opium producing/smuggling and other illegal activities here. Not too sure whether those activities still on going, but I won’t bother to find it out.

The Golden Triangle I’m going to talk about is nothing to do with opium or any other smuggler activities, its about a restaurant! It named Golden Triangle because they have some similarity in between. Both were also related to Thailand, Vietnam & Laos. Just that one is about opium and another one is about food. The restaurant offers famous foods from above mentioned 3 countries. That means you can tried 3 different tastes of food in 1 restaurant. Sound cool eh? Well, you may find the restaurant at Autocity, Juru, Penang. Next to Boston (又一城).
Please follow the link here for more details.

We went on last Thursday to celebrate on Khaisui’s Birthday. The restaurant’s environment are excellent, nice design and feel. The waiters/waitress were very friendly and helpful. We paid RM45nett per pax for a buffet dinner. Its not like those buffets you had in hotels, it has menu for you to choose and order. That’s mean foods were cooked only as requested. Kind of “Eat all you can” in ala carte style.  Anyway, its recommended to go in group, perhaps 4-8 persons, else you couldn’t taste all the dishes in menu.  Overally, this restaurant is Recommended to all, nice foods, reasonable price and good environments.

I managed to shoot a few pictures during the dinner.  Some photos weren’t sharp and some kinda blur. We ordered more than 10 dishes but I didn’t manage to shoot all. Sorry about that, was busy eating and the lighting kinda dark over there. 😛

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