Orien – Farewell

Orien – He’ll be off to England on coming Tuesday, 21/10/2008. We would like to wish him all the best and good luck in search for £-Pound Sterling…. Anyone who just got to know about this, perhaps can give him a call to wish him before the date stated above.
Perhaps some of you might not know him, its definitely not a fruit (Orange) that going to sell off to England. Hmm… I dont really know how to write his chinese name, but pronounciation is abit similar to “Orange juice” in chinese. Anyway, if that couldnt helped to refresh your mind, probably look at the photos, you should know. By the way, pictures are freshly brew out from camera directly, no mods at all. Sorry if it looks ugly to you.
He’s applied WHVWorking Holiday Maker Visa which allowed you to have two years visa in England. This visa is actually meant for travel visa, jus that you are allowed to work part time to gather your travelling funds throughout the 2 years period in England. But professional job are not allowed, only those lower labour work like wash plates and waiters only. Dont ever underestimated this kind of job, it could bring you some fortunes if you had proper planned and well spent. The currency exchange rate to pound is quite high, 1 pound = ~RM6.10. So imagine you brought back around £90k, you’ll be a half millionair in Malaysia. Interested? Call him or browse around WWW for more information on this WHV.
We organized a farewell YC(yam char) session for him. As mentioned, YC session of caused no buffet food or whatsoever, just tea. The YC session held at Old Town, Autocity. Our usual hang out place. Actually its a nice place for gathering and normal chitchat session with friends, although abit noisy due to the “DREAM” pub is just next door. Anyhow, raise your voices will be fine or choose another corner end near Sega where much quieter.
Ok, share some photos I took during the YC session, his farewell gathering. Once again, we wish him all the best, and perhaps some sourveniers for us when he’s back here. :))

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  1. Yeah!I won’t 4get 2 fight 4 my honors among the fruits 😛 ,i will bring u some UK Apple or Strawberry when i come back in the future kekeke…*___^
    Anyway….Thanks 4 your wishing ya 🙂

    October 20, 2008 1:28 AM

  2. Regarding the Visa which i applied -WHM (Working Holiday Maker) UK.
    You guys can surf some info via this website http://www.whv.com.my

    Don’t put too much dream on it, cause this Visa may close soon, it will replace a new Scheme soon; that’s why i force to apply so early,if not i will wait for my year End Bonus 1st. hehe。。。。
    Pls drop me a mail,
    ( orien@hotmail.com ) if u guys got any Question or problem 🙂

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