Nothing much

We supposed to have a photo shooting at Batu Maung this evening, but due to these dark cloud, plan cancelled. This morning I already checked the Weather forecast for today, and it shown there will be rain this evening. At the meantime, the sun still shining high up in the sky, the heat was toasting your butt, so we were remaining hopeful for the outing. Forecast things never be 100% correct, so we thought this time would be the same.

Around 3pm the sky turn grey and to dark. Down pour should be within sight, and it did start raining soon as I reached Georgetown. So all the hopeful thoughts were demolished. Even it did stop before the time we planned, the environment and conditions were no longer suitable for photo shooting.
On this same day, my friend CheeSiang , he managed to capture a peaceful rainbow photo shot, but what I managed to shoot were the dark cloud. How ironic it was that both happened on the same day but with totally opposite significance.
Well, there’s no rainbow photo, just dark cloud. Rainbow for hope, dark cloud for ? hmm…you tell me then!

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  1. wahhh…really dark le man! luckily we canceled it…LOL!

    u know y u get the dark cloud? coz u joined the dark side…CS one is Canon so managed to get rainbow shot…LOL

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