Nikon D60

After weeks of research and survey, finally decided to choose Nikon over Canon. From what I heard and read, Nikon produced much natural photo than Canon, though it might biased caused some canon users did captured a very nice and natural photos. Anyhow whether the photo already PS (photoshop) to look natural, we might not know, only those who owned one should knew better. My primary aim is to shoot and ready to use without PS, which Nikon seem ahead on this. Any doubts that your canon has better, let be it. Yours better!
So why this model? Initially my preference was Nikon D80, but rumours mass spreading that Nikon D90 will be out this quarter during Photokina on September. It is the replacement for D80, which aged 2 yrs and some useful features like anti dust, live view and etc are not available. But it still a very powerful and advanced DSLR, a level higher than any entry-level DSLR but a level down to a Pro DSLR like D300 and above. I’m kinda struggle during that period to choose whether to get a D80 or wait for the D90.
As the D90 still remains rumour, and D80 will be obsolete soon, so I decided to look around other models like Canon 450D and Nikon D60. Of caused from specification POV, Canon should be the winner but the reviews on that doesn’t look good. At the end, I opt for the Nikon D60, although it don’t have internal focus motor and the focus very much depends on the lense. But who cares, nowadays alot of lenses coming out new specs which support internal focus, as long you got the money, you can have one, just the compatibility to older lense might be some issues.
I bought my Nikon D60 on 16 August 2008 and ironically the Nikon D90 announced launching on 27 August 2008 world wide… damn! Only if I could wait a week more, I might able to get the new D90! Sigh… so guys, dont ever too dependent on the news or infos you get from WWW, and always be patience in purchasing anything, never rush. Slow and steady. But, if everything is under control, means you’re going too slow!

Stepping into world of DSLR photography, you must expect your wallet in fulltime diet mode. Upgrade, upgrade and upgrade. It never end when you reach certain level, you will keep going and going. Lenses, tripod, filters and lots more stuff you may need to upgrade or enhance. So better make yourself clear on what kind of photograph you intented to : Portrait, Landscape, Candid, Studio and etc. Buy only suitable lenses to what you need, otherwise you might be the youngest ever photographer who declare bankrupcy due to lenses and other gadgets purchase.
Well, if you’re rich enough, that’s of cause not a problem. Only problem might be you need a large suitcase to fill in all your gadget wherever you go.
Overally, I’m quite impressed with this camera as it is very user friendly and ease of use. Very suitable for a beginner like me. Now just need to try a few shootout and train on the usage of this camera, see what it can be done. I owned a Canon Ixus860, so i expect the DSLR outcome must surpass the P&S DC anytime. Anyway, still on learning stage on the composition of a frame, don’t expect to much. Below are some sample of my photos captured with it. On the nightview photo, focus yourself on the “starlight” of the lamppost, ignore others! Still newbie, dont comment to hash ya… By the way, all below photos were original shot direct from camera, except the black n white.

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