I’m pretty sure anyone who lives in Seberang Perai will know what MPSP is. It is like MPPP in Penang Island. Lately I think  they should be kinda headache on funding for their bonuses for this coming Hari Raya festival. I keep receiving letters from them updating me what my total compounds yet to pay off. “Promotion” gives out by offering me RM50 for each compound which I have 8 in total! Well, sounded very efficient eh? But…..

I said, WTF, it supposed to be 40 cents parking fees, and now they penalty me for RM50 each, 8 x Rm50 =RM400! Oh gosh… a 1000% hikes! A promotion offers supposedly a certain % discount, not certain % increase! It can be seen that they really needed monies madly! I can’t fully blame them on these because I was given a grace period of 14 days to settle with RM10 when I 1st received the compound. Again, RM10 for maybe 65-75 minutes of parking? They thought their parking lots in KLCC? Even KLCC also cheaper than that! They should revise their stupid parking system. Atleast the officer should allow some allowances, for example let say exceeded 15-30mins, then only issue the compound ! Give some chances la!

Anyway, just wanna mumbling around. Today came 2 officers to my house looking for me, whom my neighbour claimed that they are police officer! They told her that “I” have alot summonses not yet clear. I doubt they were police, most probably I think they were MPSP officer, because I already cleared all my police summonses! First time I heard that officer came to house and collect debts, what a joke!  Should be Hari Raya coming, upper management instructed them whoever managed to collect back bad debts will be given extra bonuses this year! 😀

Anyone experienced this or does have some compound yet to pay? Better do it quick before they come to you! :S


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