Miscellaneous Skies Shots

Those who knew me well, should know I preferred more on shooting landscapes than portraitures. So again this time I posted a few more shots about blue sky which previously I did had posted once, you may check that out here ( http://vincz.com/?p=9 ).

After weeks of ON and OFF rainny days, today (9/12/08) was extremely hot yet windless. But on the good side, the sky were clear and vividly blue, clouds kinda illustrative. I grab my camera and instantly took a few shots. Not going too far under the sun, just within my car porch area which was under shade. Right, I afraid of sun, especially these hot sun…

I like to share on nice scenery I’m looking at, which you might not available for the time being. Let you feel the environments I’m on, the view I see, the moment I’m at and it don’t tell lies in it. For a portrait shot, you could edit and remove anything that shouldn’t be there, blur it out in some case. So there’re a lot of post processing just to make your shots perfect. For Landscape shot, I don’t think you would blur it or remove anything in it. At most you just adjust the level and color balance. Everything must remain sharp and clear, that was what people always said, pictures tell you story.

Didn’t do too much PS, just some level adjustment.

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  1. thanks for sharing Bro.. i’m also the blue sky fetish! you will see most of my photo with >70% with blue sky, and the 30% is the object only! Thanks for sharing!

  2. CS – 应该天兔行空, 没有马!

    Derick – Yeah, I forecast coming days should be the same, clear sky. Time for your 40D. 🙂

    Jan – haha, whatever you like it to be.

    Woon – Great, any tips for me on sky shots?

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