Phewww…finally got my blog up and running! If you did visit my blog recently, you should get a message “Under Construction”. Well, it was as I just switched another web hosting company. I switched from previously Exabytes to current Reason I changed because its time for me to renew my domain and web hosting yearly fees, and the existing Exabytes charged for RM268 a year plus RM55 for domain name renewal. Wow, that is freaking expensive especially for a non profited blogger like me! So I decided a switch is the solution!

After some sourcing, I found which offered the best deal. The package I took was RM138 yearly for a 20GB space, furthermore, its free domain name registration or renewal free for life.  What a bargain compared to the package I took in Exabytes, just 10GB space and a chargeable domain name renewal yearly, sucks!

Anyway, if anyone of you interested to have your own domain, you may consider this. The cheapest  package start from RM68, perhaps you take a quick glance at their website for more details. Overally, its cheap and affordable. Besides their customer service support, nothing much to complain about. I said so because Exabytes do have better customer support that is fast and responsive, which I sorely missed… 🙁

A quick link to their website. Access by clicking image below!


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