MCSE delayed

It’s been months since I said that I need to finish off my MCSE exam by end of this year. But looking at the calendar, it just left less than 3 weeks to end a year. I got less than 3 weeks, it is impossible that I can finish it by time. Sigh… I’m getting extremely anxious! I estimated that I can finish it by year end, but it didn’t come out as what it supposed to be, is it predictable?

No, definitely un-predictable! I don’t understand, it is an important paper I needed to pass it before I can precede my Australia PR application. But why I still acting so lame, lazy and unmotivated? Though I did complete a few more exams requested by company but that doesn’t help on the PR application. Was that part of the de-motivating issue? Possible, as after all the hard works ended up for nothing, not for company nor the PR application. Company suddenly switched biz partner, using IBM server instead HP server which I took on. Another unpredictable case happened.

Laziness seem bugging me. I should have more than enough time to prepare the exam. Probably because I’m doing self-study MCSE which I must double the efforts than others did in institutes. I’m the lecturer while student, hard and torrid time. God bless me. I must quickly sharpen myself for the exam. My prediction should be able to complete by January 2009. Is this predictable?

I hope it can goes as predicted, complete by Jan2009. I have a plan to follow, it might not go as planned but at least I did plan. Doing thing without plan is like eating without know what was it.

Anyone out there that had completed the MCSE 2003, kindly approaches me and helps me please. Some tips or whatever that you think that can help me in the exam, please do so, gratefully appreciates any help given. Wish me luck!


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  1. Sorry bro, I shouldn’t keep on putting camera poison on you…that’s definitely my fault! You can pass the camera to me and I will take care of it until you get your Australia me 🙂

  2. LOL vincenz, probably u will need to block all of ur photo buddies, or else u will feel pain when see any photos load in our fB :p

    talking about MCSE, is supposed part of my goals last time, during the IT job time, well i planned that but my life flows me to another direction, shun qi zi ran is the word ~

    life is beautiful, i suggest dun give up camera, u will regrets :p :p

    [more poisonous than derick? lol]

  3. Derick – yeah, it is all your fault! How you gonna repay me? >:( ….

    Janice – No worries, won’t give up photograhpy as I didnt actually start how to give up?Haha…

    The MCSE is a must for my skill assessment, cant follow the flow..:(

    yeah, venomous jan!

  4. walao le, guan lai janice more “tork” than me :S … okay vincenz, i repay u by goin tgt to shoot the chinese opera tonight..LOL

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