Oh wow, it’s been like what, it’s almost 25  years ago since my last ride on a train. The train here which I meant does not apply to those LRT.

My childhood train experience was excited but awfully long journey,  it tooks 8 to 9 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Penang if my memory recalls well.  Anyway,  back then was those traditional steam or diesel locomotive which was noisy,  bumpy,  wavy and equipped with natural “AIR” conditioning.

Nowadays,  with these ETS train  newly launched awhile back,  which changed the perception that going KL no longer just by flight or bus,  train is an option now. Of caused self driving with a car is the ultimate option which not in public transport category.

First of all,  the ETS isn’t expensive,  which priced at RM59 from Penang Butterworth to KL sentral. Secondly, it considerably fast  which took approximately 4hours plus depend how many stations it stops. Yes,  thought it was express with limited stops but it wasn’t.  If their online system shows that the station no passenger going up or down,  they will skip and won’t stop. So if you’re lucky that in between Pg-KL not many people going up or down from remote station, your train will arrive sooner.  Although each station stop just took probably 30 to 60 seconds,  but it’s annoying still. Generally, the ride was comfort, good legroom, adequate A/C and it had some movies playing along the ride. You may walk around to stretch your leg as well, but do take care of your belongings if you travel alone.

Stop all the BS,  you may buy  the ticket from any train station or book online which cost extra RM2 for Internet booking.

Visit here to book your ticket.  But first do a quick registration of your personal details for an account with them before you can proceed further. It accept credit card payment or bank transfer.





It has wide leg room,  mini food stall, chills a/c and mini TV.  Although i felt that the foods and drinks were sold slightly overpriced. Find it yourself.

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