Homestyle – Inderawashi

 Tired of Old Town coffees? No more alcohol beer or wisky at pub? Against the government taxes and service charge taxes? Well, there is a place where you can have nice coffees while without any taxes been charged! And they do provide Free Internet Wi-Fi services at decent speed where you couldn’t get at Old Town. Who are ‘they’ ? Homestyle coffee shop is what I meant here.
1st, they won’t pack like Old town where you hardly could find a nice spot to sit during peak time.
2nd, it is much quieter than Old Town. You won’t need to shout when talking.
3rd, nice and easy environment, open aired where you won’t be trapped by smokes.
4th, cheaper and quite delicious foods were served. But I didn’t try out all the foods, if you found that the foods suck, screw them. Not me! Try their curry mee, quite nice!
5th and so, Go find out yourself.
They do have other branches around but I just know their Inderawasih and Seberang Jaya branches. They are serving halal foods. If happened that you have Malay friends/colleages to hang out, this is the place for you, no longer always Mamak stall as your only choice!

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  1. Another food blogger? Chee Siang got competitor liao..LOL

    Is the building of this shop used to be Informatics College?

  2. Where got intro about food, just some brief intro abt the shop. Share some hang out places only.

    yes, it used to be informatics college.

  3. hey dude seem like Homestyle is paying u for your great effort to promot them, am i right? haha..

  4. If they did pay me for that, you won’t just see chairs in the pics, should be every foods in the menu. haha…

    Woon, i thought u stay in BM? Came all the way to here? Or came here but ahsiang aeroplaned u, that’s why u alone?

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