Happy new year 2009

A few blips of eyes, a year have gone. Times seem travel faster than usual for me. Perhaps I’m getting older and older, and wish to be younger and younger, yet I’m not. So it seem the time has flyby very fast! Well, in matter of facts, you going to have that feeling yourself very soon when you reached that age of ‘glory’.

Year 2008 – To me, it is not a successful year. Why? My primary goal to achieve MCSE certificate has failed. That also affected my Australia PR application progress. Career wise unchanged, relationship wise unimproved, family wise sister has gone to Australia, but one thing to remain grateful is that everyone I know is in good fitness and healthy state.
Not sure why so damn lot peoples chosen this year for their marriage, perhaps next year not a good year for marriage, so they rushed to complete all wedding dinner, ceremony or registry of marriage by this year. Superstitious? Chinese known to be superstitious? Yeah, they believe that marriage in next year will bring adversity in marriage, either unwanted separation or divorce. Well, its not “Ripley – Believe it or not” show, so just judge it yourself on this!

Year 2009 – Not really a hopeful year for everyone i guess, because of recession or so called economy crisis. And I heard that the situation might get worsen in this year. We will see about that. Anyhow, it still a hopeful year for me though. To complete my MCSE, PR application can go on smoothly, and all other aspects in life improve better. Hopes mean future, future without hope is simply just hopeless!

So let us just say GoodBye to year 2008, and give a warm welcome to Year 2009!

Happy New Year Everyone, wishes you all have a prosperous year in 2009 and may your dreams come true!

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