Recently seem a lot of peoples talking about this yet inconclusive. How to define it? I don’t know as well. Every single person should have his own version of definition on happiness. Under same occasion, same situation and same circumstances, but you won’t get the same definition of happiness. Thus, there’s no proper words or sentences that can really describe or define happiness.

A good example to link with it is when people asking – “what the taste of an orange?” I dare you that not everyone can give you exact same taste definition except the common one, sweet & sour.  Different peoples had different sensitivity of their tongue. Same orange but different peoples tasted it, you will hear some said too sweet, too sour, just nice, and so…

Searching for happiness? Redevelop your definition of happiness; you can easily achieve it without too much hassle to search for. Some having a nice chocolate bar or drinks, happiness achieved! Some may felt happiness achieved when they managed to help out those disabled peoples. Some “just married” couples felt happiness achieved when they able to tie up with someone they love. Well, for that moment I guess. There is long way to go, before you can actually telling me that you are really felt happiness throughout the entire marriage.

So please don’t ever set a target to your happiness. It’s suffered to have a fix target to achieve. Even you might be a top salesman who managed to achieve/hit target every month, at least not on happiness please. Otherwise, happiness becomes a product which can be passing around and sold in carton. What I’m trying to say is just do whatever things that you think you’re happy on it, and then your happiness will follows. There’s no specifically on what thing, just anything. You can have a chocolate bar, ice cream, photo shooting and so, just things that can let you feel happy.

Stubborn or idiocy is another thing that can erupt your search for happiness. Especially on love life. You think you’ll get happiness with someone you love, partially right. What if the “someone” doesn’t think that way as he/she thinks you’re not the one he/she love? Happiness just collapsed if this happened. So just stop pushing it for happiness you expect from this relationship, you won’t get it anyway. Wanna wait till he/she changed his/her mind, possible but again not constructive. A very rare case that it will end up the way you think it supposed to be. Why waste you times here instead looking for something to cheer on? These just an example and I believe there are lots more out there. Hundred millions of peoples on earth means should have hundred millions of examples.

Always cherish what you had. If hasn’t lost, hold firm; if lost just let it be, you’ll found new somehow. No time machine yet to launch for you back to the past, so look forward instead past! Future & happiness are right in front you, just grab it when it come. 

6 Replies to “Hapiness”

  1. wow awesome. at last your blog something that is not related to an event wahahaha.. well done.

    like this one “If hasn’t lost, hold firm; if lost just let it be”. haha..

    going to borrow it from you and become my quote of the day.

  2. CS : Thank you for being supportive on this. 🙂

    Derick : haha..initially you also thought of getting new one instead upgrading it what..

  3. beer make me happy….haha

    dude u getting deep man, this scare me, age must be catching up…

    by the way….arsenal sucks again…..

  4. Happiness is whether far for me, I really did not know. But however, I will go forward with diligently for mine happiness forever. because I believe that the happiness will touch for me and be moved by me. 🙂


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