A decade of long run relationship, finally came to an end. Don’t misunderstand, it actually signalled a new beginning. Yes, they are now officially “Married“. Today wasn’t just their ROM day, it was their 10th years anniversary too (If I’m not mistaken). How romantic and meaningful of this date will be! ROM on their 10th years anniversary? One word to describe, “Magnificent” !

The handsome groom Weng Hung and pretty bride Pei Ling are both my best friend for long. I’m glad to be here on this important day with them! The ceremony went quite fast which I felt abit unprofessional though; compared to those ROMs I attended before! Anyway, that doesn’t important, as long both of them did pen down on the papers, they are legally and officially married.

I’m here to congratulate them happy ROM and wishing them all the best! Cut short all those craps which I usually did in my previous blogrolls. Cause I knew not many really read through it. 😛 Now let me rewinded back their ROM with pictures I shot, not many cause did it in rush. May consider post more if applicable!

P/ S : Please click on the photo below for more!

7 Replies to “WH & PL – ROM”

  1. hey vincent, y din touch up my double chin. u forgot izzit?wahaha….!!

    thanks for attending and all gifts given. we like them very much. once again thank u ching shiang, vincent, khaisui, peichia and ming choon

  2. peiling- as what derick said, after i try eliminated your double chin, ‘she’ no longer seem like peiling anymore… 😛 anyhow you’re still pretty with it! 😀

    derick – you’re right, perhaps my level not on thar par yet!

    valyn – you’re welcome. You earned it! 🙂

  3. thank you derick & valyn.

    derick – u r rite. i m trying to examine vincenz ma… :p

    vincenz – agree la i prefer original

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