Grandma’s House

Just to share some photos I took while I’m at my grandma house recently. Few months ago I went KL to visit my grandma who was sick and admitted hospital. Although released from hospital just a few days stay, but stil not in good shape and mentally weak, cant really recognizing me. Revisitted her few days ago and saw her in good health and physically strong which makes me relief now. Wish her stay sickness free and healthy always!

On the 17/9/08, a 1 day public holiday (Nuzul Al-Quran) for most states, including Penang. So I took 1 day trip to KL to fetch my mom back to Penang. She’s back from Travel to Guang Zhou, China. Its tiring because thru and back from Pg-KL-Pg in 1 day! In the meantime I can pay a visit to my grandma, so is worth the tiring drive. Hopefully didn’t received any speed summonses all way long, get my finger cross!

Belows are some shots I took with my DSLR. I’m came across that the dog is very nice for photograph because of its eye contact on camera. Comments are welcomed!

Its not out focus, just some motion effects

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