Gary’s ROM

On this day, 02/12/2008,  the day my buddy Gary’s ROM (Registry of Marriage) with his beloved Geni. Without doubt, I will help him to take some photos during the registration. As I did for my another buddy Victor earlier! Only differences were previously I used Nikon D60 whereas this time I’m using the Nikon D90. Hopefully those shots taken just now not to arkward compared to previous shots…

Still need times to filter out some unclear/unsharp photos before I can post it here. Basically this article was just to officially updating you all, Gary & Geni are Married! Please drop by this site occassionally to check out the updated photo album on this. If it yet to be released, you could just browse on other posts or kindly visit the ads shown if the promotions attracted you.

Once again, we congratulate them – Gary & Geni, Happy Marriage and wishing you guys love live marriage!

6 Replies to “Gary’s ROM”

  1. another good news among our friends..

    by the way, the photo look so different compare to previous one. haha.

    what make the photo look different? money (d60 to d90) or skill/ experience? or both? haha.

  2. It still same me, same lens and same place. The differences were different camera different peoples.

    So what you say? 😛

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