Gary & Geni – Part II

Sorry for the long delay in Part II. Been busy in study for the past few weeks on my MCSE exam. Had my exam taken yesterday and passed, the next paper will be 2 weeks later. In the mean time, I’d filtered a few more photos taken during Gary & Geni wedding ceremony, so there you go.

I just randomly filtered with those highlights on that day, so probably nothing new compared to the Part I. Same scene, same place, same peoples and of cause, same groom and bride. Lol…. 😀 Actually it should be more to show, but due to time constraints, so just done what I’m capable to do right now, in terms of mentally and physically state. Don’t misunderstanding, it just means that I’m tired after recent weeks of preparation for the exam.

So will there be another Part III coming up? Probably not! Same theory that when a movie coming out too many series like Jurassic Park Part 1,2 and 3, peoples get bored of it. Same old dinasaurs yet just diff story. Same applied to here that same old peoples yet nonetheless that same old story!

Comments and Critics are welcomed! Besides, whatever you think that I could done better and improve, please do say so!

Click on the photo below to view the gallery.

4 Replies to “Gary & Geni – Part II”

  1. Derick – Thanks. Don’t like your other shots ar? 😛

    Natalie – To be frank, should tell me earlier you’re hiring a photographer la. Your photographer just so so, my friends could done much better!

  2. nope….he is not the photographer…he is my friend who likes to take photo only…anyway, i very satified the photo…he did help me to shoot for 500+++ for FOC…..if got chance, i can show u the CD…

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