Gary & Geni – Part I

Their wedding ceremony and dinner were both held on the 3/1/2009. We’re here to congratulate them have a happily ever marriage. We wish them to have brought a new life on earth ASAP. 😀  As usual, being his buddy I need to help him to take photo on that day. I never shot on any wedding event before, so this was the 1st time, my virgin shot on wedding event. 🙂

Please don’t compare those photos with other paid photographer, I’m not being paid, so perfect photos were not in questionable/requestable as like other customers do. But then I will still give it my best shots for my buddy! By the way, just wanna highlighted that, I’m just helping to take photo for my personal interests, it’s not my job!

I lent my car to my buddy as their wedding’s car, you may check that out later in gallery. The day before the wedding, I have sent my car for a full 3 layers polish+wax which cost me RM150. Was it shinning enough? Can see the reflection? 😀 The bestman and bridesmaid were Victor & Maggie. And the best performer goes to Derick. All my votes were on him because he’s doing all the hard jobs given. Of cause, rest of the “brothers” were cool too, very sporting and funny. At the end of day, we were so drunk, look at the pic #18, you’ll know what I meant!

Ok, here you go. It just some photos that I have filtered and edited, so it’s part 1. There are more to come later when I’m free. Do come back some times to check it out.

Please click on the picture below for more….


12 Replies to “Gary & Geni – Part I”

  1. feeling so pai seh to get “The Best Performer” awards 😛 nice capture bro, like the color of 2nd photo. Btw, could you pls help to make sure the resolution for 15th pic is correct ah? my head seems wider this time..LOL! I am wondering where was I at 18th pic? I took this photo!??!?!

  2. CS – teasing ar… when your big day came, i doubt u still remember me lo… 😀

    Derick – Thanks. Haha, sorry bro! Some mistake during image resizing. Adjusted and that’s the best I could do, cant squeeze anymore already!

  3. wow… didn’t know you are so talented in shooting.. like the 13th pic the most.. you’ve captured the smile of happiness on the bride..

  4. Sam – thanks… you know what? No such talented word in photography, only practise i guess! LOL… perhaps there are some which i don’t know! 😀

  5. Derick – I’m not humble though really seldom practise… lol..

    Janice – yeah, thanks. But now back to a piece of metal junk. Covered by dust! lol… 😀

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