Faber Condo – Taman Desa

During my last visit to KL, I did pay a visit to my buddy Tommy who lives in Faber Condo at Taman Desa. It wasn’t really a high rise condo as most condominiums in KL, but with the highest 10th floors top, still consider a good spot for photo shooting. So I get my gears up and started to shoot at will.

It was my 1st session using my newly acquired tele lens Nikkor 55-200mm VR. Read a few reviews on this lens. Most mentioned that it has a soft end when fully zoomed to 200mm, never tried and never know. Well, I believed so as most photos I shot when fully zoomed, really had a softer picture. Hmm… only resolution was PS (photoshop) it. Perhaps my limited skills on PS, cant really make it sharp. Anyhow just get along with it.

A 200mm zoom range not really enough at my spot, cant get a clear zoomed picture of KLCC and KL Tower. So bare with it ya. Another reason probably due to bad weather on that day. Kinda cloudy and rainning partially around the areas, thus pictures shown might look blur to some.

Please click on the below photo for more. 

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