The day after Earth Hour

A very warming morning after yesterday rainy night. Last night 8.30pm-9.30pm was our very 1st Earth Hour program in Malaysia. The advertisements and broadcasts on radio/tv for this meaningful program very well delivered to everyone I guess, but then still alot of ignorance peoples didn’t take it seriously. I’m kinda disappointed on it. I personally considered it as failure because majority peoples still remain Lights ON during that particular hour, seem totally not aware of the Earth hour going.

Not just the peoples didn’t do what was required to do, nor the government did. If government itself didn’t take it seriously, what could we expect from the peoples under that government? That exactly what peoples were saying “Fish begins to stink at the head”. If that was the case , what’s the point in participating to this Earth Hour Program?

Anyway, typical Asian I could say as to them this was just none of their businesses. And Malaysia seem always good at copy cat-ing, what others had done, they want it too but didn’t copied well, like this Earth Hour. Come on Malaysian, actions speak louder than words, don’t always just talk, and done nothing! A good example is the best sermon. Thank you for those who did switched off their lights,bravo! And those were not should feel shame on themselve. Hopefully on next year together we could done better than this, together we can save our beautiful earth!

Warm morning

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  1. wahh…this looks exactly like what I have seen in the “Knowing” movie before the earth gets destroyed by the global disaster.

  2. yea, quit disappointing i guess. i observed from 13th floors, staring there from 920pm to 940pm and seem like.. erm.. i couldn’t gauge any different before 930pm and after 930pm. perhaps it was due rainy day.. 🙁

  3. 嗯,有拍哦~
    但 应该没有你拍的那么漂亮了,因为去台湾只带来傻瓜机

  4. canton-i 好吃吗?有没有想dragon-i那样有小笼包的经典?


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