Don’t Cry

My elder sister finally made up her mind and went to Melbourne, Australia to further her study last Saturday, 18/10/2008. It was not easy for anyone to do so as she needs to give up her nursery business, friends and family here in Malaysia. But she wasn’t alone there, because my younger sister already there for years. She can take care of my elder sister and help her adapt to her new life better. If without anyone there and asked she to go alone, I wonder would she emotional crash of homesick…

Well, some of you might already know that I planned to migrate to Australia. The main requirements to get myself there are my IT skills. So I need to further enhance my existing IT skills or add a few more certificates for my disposal. That is what I am focusing on now. I am currently pursuing my MCSE certificates, total of 7 exam papers which I already passed a few and left a few more. Once done I need to submit all my certificates and IT working experiences for skill assessment, by Australia appointed association which is ACS (Australian Computer Society). After received the approval that show I’m qualified in the skill assessment, then only I can submit my PR application under skilled worker category. Anyway, it was a long ongoing process and progress. Some took years to finalize everything and got their PR (Permanent Resident). And this is my route to Australia!

My sister previously involved in education industry- nursery and kindergarten, which not under consideration for skilled worker migration. Under these circumstances, she got no choice but to further her study. She chose to study nursing course because of the benefits a nurse can get and most of all, nurse always a shortage in every country. Once she graduated, hopefully the local hospital can hire her and help her to acquire her PR. That is the better and easier way because when there is a company willing to sponsor you, your chances to acquired PR are doubled up! So that is her route to Australia!
Ok, so please stop asking me how’s my Australia plan and etc. I will keep you guys posted. Visit my blog occasionally and you’ll know what the stage and status. Read it yourself, when reach the stage that I got my PR approval, I will personally broadcasting to everyone I know!
Here some warming photos I took in airport when I send my sister off to Australia. Don’t cry la, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. We will take care ourselves, no worries! I will try my very best to join you as soon as possible, sis!


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