I don’t know about others, but for me it was a boring CNY. My festival mood just lasted for 2 days, and that was on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY only. Probably due to I started to work soon after the 2days PH of CNY. I did not take any leaves during that period because I wanna save it for my exam. Oh ya, beside that, I needed to stay home and preparing my MCSE exam as well. So what a boring CNY it was.

Just took the exam I’ve prepared for on today. I’m delighted that I passed it with good result (scores 945/1000), yeah, I did it again… 😀 At the mean time while before I begin my next exam paper preparation, wanna share some photos I took during my boredom CNY and after sending my younger sister to airport. She’s going back to Australia after weeks of holiday in Malaysia. We’ll miss you sis. Take care!

Please click on the photo below for more!
The OX is coming to town!

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  1. Wah.. This year is mok mok year so you shoot the cow photo, and next year is tiger year, you whether need take the tiger picture or not? if yes, you need continue to collect all “chinese
    horoscope”, coz i very interesting need to saw the dragon picture lah….:-)

  2. Oh yea~ the 3rd photo really awesome.. and i agree with Derick, without the dark foreground (the tree branches with leafs?) would be better!

  3. qiqi – I shot what i got only la.. dragon leave it to you! 😛

    derick & woon – yeah, absolutely agreed. Just that the pic was took at 200mm zoom, and the branches was there to block. Shifted right will have something else, so that’s the way it is! 🙁

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