CNY – Chap Goh Meh

It’s Chap Goh Meh (元宵节)today. The 2009 CNY ended gracefully yet so quick… Never really feel the festival mood as like the past. Probably economy downfall caused most peoples holding tight on their budget, even to some gigantic companies also cut cost and did not publish some funny commercial advertisement about CNY this year!  Anyhow, overally this CNY nothing much to cheer about too… 🙁

So, today is the day for those single & available guys and girls to throw mandarin oranges or apples to the river/sea/drain, in pursuit to acquire another half partner exist in this year. Good luck in search to all ‘single’ guys & girls!  😀 I’m already out of catergories, only can eat , not throw!

Below picture is the chap goh meh full moon, 1st full moon in Ox year!  Wishing you guys Happy Chinese new year and all the best in years ahead!! By the way, the 200mm lens not enough to reach or close up to the moon. If you want to take picture of the moon, perhaps 400mm onwards!

Full Moon

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  1. Jan – drain and river are interconnected. So basically still the same lo… 😛

    Derick – it compatible to all lenses?

    qiqi – I shot this photo was at midnite, maybe she were sleeping that time qua! 😀

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