Chinese Opera – Sneak Preview

Never really went for any photo shooting session with friend previously until yesterday (14/12/08). Having the chance that my buddy Derick invited me for a photo shootout on Chinese Opera @ somewhere near Permatang Pauh. Though I live not far away from there, but honestly, I never been to that place and didn’t even know there’s a solemnly grandeur temple. Should have pay more visit to that temple next time since I already knew it existent.

The Chinese Opera show was meant for celebration or anniversary for the temple. Heard its 12 years once for this event held. Thus, lucky me having this chance to visit. Those who missed the event, don’t feel bad, cause the actual date for the celebration event already passed, I missed it too. 🙁 But anyhow the opera show still on going for few more weeks I guess, you still able to watch the interesting opera show.

Took kinda many shots, so need some filtrations and editions before can show to you guys. Please stay tuned, more photos will be uploaded as soon as possible!

Stay tuned!

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  1. From the very begining you should join the crowd for photo shooting and not wait till yesterday night. Although late but it’s still better than noting. Looking forward for more cool pic from you. 😛

  2. Your fans – will keep up. By the way, mind intro more on yourself? Never had any fan before ? 😀

    Derick – Thanks bro, will try to finalize asap. How about yours?

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