Chiang Mai, Thailand

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One of the famous tourism and 2nd largest city in Thailand. It located at approx. 700km north from Bangkok, among some of the highest moutains in the country. Don’t worry, I’m not going to repeat what already had in others website found on Internet, for more details or history of Chiang Mai, simply ‘google’ for it, you’ll find it bunch of websites listed.

So what I’m gonna write here is about my tour to Chiang Mai with my buddies, buddies tour instead Chiang Mai tour. Haha… We went on the 22nd March to 25th March, a 4 days 3 nights tour. If you have times or longer leaves available, perhaps you can stay 1 day longer, a 5days 4 nights tour as we missed some places not visit like the famous Long Neck Tribe Village, which it needed 1 full day to travel.

We booked Air Asia free and easy package which cost us approx. RM600 per couple on a round trip flight ticket plus taxes. Whereas I felt sympathy on my another buddy because he had to pay double our price which RM1200 because he booked later than us, but he’s a great buddy because kept his promises just to follow us for that trip. Well done, dude! 😉

On the accomodation, we booked earlier thru internet with a fairly cheaper discounted price. For the same hotel, you got discounted price if go Online, whereas you’ll get higher fixed rate prices if go local. So my advice is, beter search around for a discounted price online before you go over, suggesting you take a visit on this website, it has hotels around the world with customers feedback. You can read on the feedbacks and judge the hotel comfortability and overall rating before you decide on which hotels to stay. It offered best discounted internet rate for various hotels, hassle free and reliable which lessen your headache. Booked and check-in on the day you arrive, easily done. You dont have to carry all your luggages around to find hotels if you have done booking earlier. We choose Royal Lanna Hotel because it located centrally of the famous Night Bazaar (night market) within 5 mins walking distance, whcih easier for the girls shopping.

Take a visit on

And for the places we visit, I won’t explain it in details. As someone did said, “picture said thousand words”, so i just post some pictures to say it all.

Basically those are the places we visited, but there are a few more places we went but it is impossible for me to upload it all. The rest will leave it to you to explore. In short, it is a great place to visit for a sighseeing or shopping tour. Plan your vacation properly, best time to visit should be at year end where the weather much easing and colder(winter), and also on weekend where the Sunday Market is available. Simply drop me some comments if you need to know more about Chiang Mai (not about history pls, abt the tour only).

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  1. yo dude, nice blog. Hey how is the nite life in chiang mai?? How’s the bar/pub there?

  2. thanks dude.

    well, depends what kind of night life you’re after lo. shopping wise, good coz hundreds of stalls selling different kind of stuffs and they’ll open til latest 12pm. As for the bar/pub, boring for me. Main thing probably because cant smoke, stripper but din stripe. Some trying to shake their oil off.

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