Ferringghi Garden , Penang

I know, its been months I never updated my blog.  Sorry, will try to update my blog more often as  my laptop sent for repair for the 2nd time. I just got it back few weeks back. During that period I didn’t shoot any photos, so don’t know what to update as well.

Yes, Ferringhi Garden Restaurant, sounds expensive right? Well not quite true. Apparently the price tags are lower than other restaurants around the area, depend on what sort of foods you’re comparing with. Given the envrionment and decoration of a restaurant of such, its cheap or competitive I should say.  The decor match on their title – Garden. It has Garden feel coz alot of flowers, plants and so which you can expect from a garden. Would it be alot of mosquitoes? I can’t assure you that, atleast not that night we went .

I made a reservation for 2, but they didn’t ask for it. They served walk in guests anytime, perhaps plenty of tables available. Unless they have functions or events, else we can just walk in to dine. It make sense because alot tourists around that area, they should ready for walk in guests anytime! It was to celebrate Khaisui’s birthday with this kinda romantic restaurant, glad she likes it. 😀 Overally, I highly recommend this place for a candle light dinner with your love one or any sort of gathering with friends. Reasonable price, relaxing environment and good services.

We reached the restaurant kinda late, and its getting dark. Unfortunately, my flash gun battery running low, unable to shoot as the lighting not appropriate for shooting. Anyhow managed to shoot some before the battery ran flat.


Phewww…finally got my blog up and running! If you did visit my blog recently, you should get a message “Under Construction”. Well, it was as I just switched another web hosting company. I switched from previously Exabytes to current Mercumaya.net. Reason I changed because its time for me to renew my domain and web hosting yearly fees, and the existing Exabytes charged for RM268 a year plus RM55 for domain name renewal. Wow, that is freaking expensive especially for a non profited blogger like me! So I decided a switch is the solution!

After some sourcing, I found Mercumaya.net which offered the best deal. The package I took was RM138 yearly for a 20GB space, furthermore, its free domain name registration or renewal free for life.  What a bargain compared to the package I took in Exabytes, just 10GB space and a chargeable domain name renewal yearly, sucks!

Anyway, if anyone of you interested to have your own domain, you may consider this. The cheapest  package start from RM68, perhaps you take a quick glance at their website for more details. Overally, its cheap and affordable. Besides their customer service support, nothing much to complain about. I said so because Exabytes do have better customer support that is fast and responsive, which I sorely missed… 🙁

A quick link to their website. Access by clicking image below!


Room 609 – Lisa De Inn

Lisa De Inn is one of the famous hotel in Petaling Jaya. It wasn’t famous for its cleanliness nor comfortableness, it actually famous for their “extra” services provided. Well, if you are lonely, you might be interested on this service, needed me to say what kind of services? Pay it a visit and ask around, you’ll find out!

However, I did stayed there in room 609 for 1 whole week on last week! Not ALONE, with my colleague, so I’m not that lonely or desperate for that kind of ‘extra’ services. Besides, to me it won’t happen in future as well. 😀 Just purely because it’s the only budget hotel available in P.J and furthermore my company has corporate account there. We have been assigned to KL to help out settle some outstanding issues at customer site. 

 It’s a boring stays as it just have a few astro channels which show some boring movies. Nothing special except the view from room 609 which I gonna show some to you. I didn’t bring my tripod along, so photos shot below were without tripod. I just use the windows frame as the steady base for my camera. Shooting angles and sharpness may compromised abit, bear with it ya… 😛







I’m pretty sure anyone who lives in Seberang Perai will know what MPSP is. It is like MPPP in Penang Island. Lately I think  they should be kinda headache on funding for their bonuses for this coming Hari Raya festival. I keep receiving letters from them updating me what my total compounds yet to pay off. “Promotion” gives out by offering me RM50 for each compound which I have 8 in total! Well, sounded very efficient eh? But…..

I said, WTF, it supposed to be 40 cents parking fees, and now they penalty me for RM50 each, 8 x Rm50 =RM400! Oh gosh… a 1000% hikes! A promotion offers supposedly a certain % discount, not certain % increase! It can be seen that they really needed monies madly! I can’t fully blame them on these because I was given a grace period of 14 days to settle with RM10 when I 1st received the compound. Again, RM10 for maybe 65-75 minutes of parking? They thought their parking lots in KLCC? Even KLCC also cheaper than that! They should revise their stupid parking system. Atleast the officer should allow some allowances, for example let say exceeded 15-30mins, then only issue the compound ! Give some chances la!

Anyway, just wanna mumbling around. Today came 2 officers to my house looking for me, whom my neighbour claimed that they are police officer! They told her that “I” have alot summonses not yet clear. I doubt they were police, most probably I think they were MPSP officer, because I already cleared all my police summonses! First time I heard that officer came to house and collect debts, what a joke!  Should be Hari Raya coming, upper management instructed them whoever managed to collect back bad debts will be given extra bonuses this year! 😀

Anyone experienced this or does have some compound yet to pay? Better do it quick before they come to you! :S


The day after Earth Hour

A very warming morning after yesterday rainy night. Last night 8.30pm-9.30pm was our very 1st Earth Hour program in Malaysia. The advertisements and broadcasts on radio/tv for this meaningful program very well delivered to everyone I guess, but then still alot of ignorance peoples didn’t take it seriously. I’m kinda disappointed on it. I personally considered it as failure because majority peoples still remain Lights ON during that particular hour, seem totally not aware of the Earth hour going.

Not just the peoples didn’t do what was required to do, nor the government did. If government itself didn’t take it seriously, what could we expect from the peoples under that government? That exactly what peoples were saying “Fish begins to stink at the head”. If that was the case , what’s the point in participating to this Earth Hour Program?

Anyway, typical Asian I could say as to them this was just none of their businesses. And Malaysia seem always good at copy cat-ing, what others had done, they want it too but didn’t copied well, like this Earth Hour. Come on Malaysian, actions speak louder than words, don’t always just talk, and done nothing! A good example is the best sermon. Thank you for those who did switched off their lights,bravo! And those were not should feel shame on themselve. Hopefully on next year together we could done better than this, together we can save our beautiful earth!

Warm morning


I don’t know about others, but for me it was a boring CNY. My festival mood just lasted for 2 days, and that was on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY only. Probably due to I started to work soon after the 2days PH of CNY. I did not take any leaves during that period because I wanna save it for my exam. Oh ya, beside that, I needed to stay home and preparing my MCSE exam as well. So what a boring CNY it was.

Just took the exam I’ve prepared for on today. I’m delighted that I passed it with good result (scores 945/1000), yeah, I did it again… 😀 At the mean time while before I begin my next exam paper preparation, wanna share some photos I took during my boredom CNY and after sending my younger sister to airport. She’s going back to Australia after weeks of holiday in Malaysia. We’ll miss you sis. Take care!

Please click on the photo below for more!
The OX is coming to town!

Taylors Hill – Melbourne

Wondering where is it? Well, you ain’t gonna find it in Malaysia, it’s located in Melbourne, Australia. Taylors Hill is an area name, while Eloura Place is the residential name as like what we used “Taman Eluora” in Malaysia. It’s located about 20-30 minutes drive from Melbourne city, depend on whether you use paid highway or normal city road. Logically say it’s not really an outskirt place because considered Australia geographic size, then you’ll know how near it was.

We bought this house at AUD320K and coming to AUD350K now including all charges and fees, during the the highest exchange rate currency at Australia which was 3.1xx, luckily now they dropped tremendously to around 2.4xx now. Else we might end up paying for RM 1+ million for it. Now the houses were built and ready for purchaser to do inspection on the house before they hand it over to purchaser. I’m kinda impressed that they were very efficient in the way that the houses were built in less than 6 months. And it included some basic furnitures like in-built closet for every rooms, kitchen area, long bathtub and so. That means you can moved in straight with minimal furnitures.

My sisters went for the house inspection and took a few shots with their camera phones few weeks back. I would like to share some of the photos they took with you. Quality of the photo might compromised abit due to resize and was using camera phone, don’t expect too much pls! There were many photos she took but I’m not going to post every single pictures, just share some and let you see the overall picture of the house.

I’m impressed that the kitchen were furnished all together, not like in Malaysia where you need to do it your own.


It said to be total of around 3800Sq ft, but I doubt it. Look at the frontyard, perhaps need to be there to see to believe.
Front Yard

Looks deepening…:D
Front Door

Stupid developer who installed a lamp post just in front of the main entrance. Luckily it’s not exact middle of the entrance. Else we might need to tear it down…:(
Front left

Car porch garage….
Front right

The sky were so blue…yes, that’s my neighbour house.

Floor plan of the build up area, not the whole unit land area.
Floor plan

MCSE delayed

It’s been months since I said that I need to finish off my MCSE exam by end of this year. But looking at the calendar, it just left less than 3 weeks to end a year. I got less than 3 weeks, it is impossible that I can finish it by time. Sigh… I’m getting extremely anxious! I estimated that I can finish it by year end, but it didn’t come out as what it supposed to be, is it predictable?

No, definitely un-predictable! I don’t understand, it is an important paper I needed to pass it before I can precede my Australia PR application. But why I still acting so lame, lazy and unmotivated? Though I did complete a few more exams requested by company but that doesn’t help on the PR application. Was that part of the de-motivating issue? Possible, as after all the hard works ended up for nothing, not for company nor the PR application. Company suddenly switched biz partner, using IBM server instead HP server which I took on. Another unpredictable case happened.

Laziness seem bugging me. I should have more than enough time to prepare the exam. Probably because I’m doing self-study MCSE which I must double the efforts than others did in institutes. I’m the lecturer while student, hard and torrid time. God bless me. I must quickly sharpen myself for the exam. My prediction should be able to complete by January 2009. Is this predictable?

I hope it can goes as predicted, complete by Jan2009. I have a plan to follow, it might not go as planned but at least I did plan. Doing thing without plan is like eating without know what was it.

Anyone out there that had completed the MCSE 2003, kindly approaches me and helps me please. Some tips or whatever that you think that can help me in the exam, please do so, gratefully appreciates any help given. Wish me luck!



Recently seem a lot of peoples talking about this yet inconclusive. How to define it? I don’t know as well. Every single person should have his own version of definition on happiness. Under same occasion, same situation and same circumstances, but you won’t get the same definition of happiness. Thus, there’s no proper words or sentences that can really describe or define happiness.

A good example to link with it is when people asking – “what the taste of an orange?” I dare you that not everyone can give you exact same taste definition except the common one, sweet & sour.  Different peoples had different sensitivity of their tongue. Same orange but different peoples tasted it, you will hear some said too sweet, too sour, just nice, and so…

Searching for happiness? Redevelop your definition of happiness; you can easily achieve it without too much hassle to search for. Some having a nice chocolate bar or drinks, happiness achieved! Some may felt happiness achieved when they managed to help out those disabled peoples. Some “just married” couples felt happiness achieved when they able to tie up with someone they love. Well, for that moment I guess. There is long way to go, before you can actually telling me that you are really felt happiness throughout the entire marriage.

So please don’t ever set a target to your happiness. It’s suffered to have a fix target to achieve. Even you might be a top salesman who managed to achieve/hit target every month, at least not on happiness please. Otherwise, happiness becomes a product which can be passing around and sold in carton. What I’m trying to say is just do whatever things that you think you’re happy on it, and then your happiness will follows. There’s no specifically on what thing, just anything. You can have a chocolate bar, ice cream, photo shooting and so, just things that can let you feel happy.

Stubborn or idiocy is another thing that can erupt your search for happiness. Especially on love life. You think you’ll get happiness with someone you love, partially right. What if the “someone” doesn’t think that way as he/she thinks you’re not the one he/she love? Happiness just collapsed if this happened. So just stop pushing it for happiness you expect from this relationship, you won’t get it anyway. Wanna wait till he/she changed his/her mind, possible but again not constructive. A very rare case that it will end up the way you think it supposed to be. Why waste you times here instead looking for something to cheer on? These just an example and I believe there are lots more out there. Hundred millions of peoples on earth means should have hundred millions of examples.

Always cherish what you had. If hasn’t lost, hold firm; if lost just let it be, you’ll found new somehow. No time machine yet to launch for you back to the past, so look forward instead past! Future & happiness are right in front you, just grab it when it come.