Quantum of Solace – 007

Call me Bond, James Bond…..

I’m pretty sure that it sounded familiar to everyone. It is a trademark quote for 007 movie series. Yes, the new episode of 007 is released, Quantum of Solace. Ever since the last episode of 007Casino Royale was released on 2006, it’s been a long wait for all 007 fans.

It still featured by Daniel Craig as the 007 agent James Bond. Well, I’m not really a fan of him as I think James Bond should have at least a better looks. Everyone knew James Bond was charming and looks great to get attracted by those Bond’s Girls. Daniel only has nice muscled body yet old face. Considered that most bond’s movies before the Casino Royale were having good looking Bond as the cast. They were having the like of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Peirce Brosnan. Anyway, most people’s like to watch 007 probably because of its action scenes, so no one really will give a damn on their looks.

Ok, back to the topic, Quantum of Solace. I watched it. It’s an ok movie for me. WTF, just an ok movie?? To you maybe you do have your own comment/rating, so just write it down in the comments session. To me it just lacks of a lot of previous gadgets that shown in previous Bond’s movies. As for the explosion scenes, it just ordinary explosions and there was no wow ingredient in it. Action scenes part too shaky especially on the very 1st part of the movie, cars chasing/closing/shooting. On the story line, it was ok. But sometimes it just blurred me out, who Vesper(which kept mentioning in the movie)? Why so much forgiveness needed? And about the Bond’s girl, I didn’t see much actions as previous Bond’s girl did. Maybe I just forgot previous episodes story. My bad…

Ok ok, I’ll stop all the critics now. I’m sorry, my apologies to all those 007 fans. Ignore all my previous comments, it could be bias comments. It stills a typical 007 movie, 1 man show. Wanted to know more just go support them, buy a ticket and enter the cinema. An action movie like this to watch in 32” LCD, you won’t feel the tenses compare to >100” projector screen. So support them in just RM10 for the ticket but they will continue producing millions dollars rated movie like this!