Oh wow, it’s been like what, it’s almost 25  years ago since my last ride on a train. The train here which I meant does not apply to those LRT.

My childhood train experience was excited but awfully long journey,  it tooks 8 to 9 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Penang if my memory recalls well.  Anyway,  back then was those traditional steam or diesel locomotive which was noisy,  bumpy,  wavy and equipped with natural “AIR” conditioning.

Nowadays,  with these ETS train  newly launched awhile back,  which changed the perception that going KL no longer just by flight or bus,  train is an option now. Of caused self driving with a car is the ultimate option which not in public transport category.

First of all,  the ETS isn’t expensive,  which priced at RM59 from Penang Butterworth to KL sentral. Secondly, it considerably fast  which took approximately 4hours plus depend how many stations it stops. Yes,  thought it was express with limited stops but it wasn’t.  If their online system shows that the station no passenger going up or down,  they will skip and won’t stop. So if you’re lucky that in between Pg-KL not many people going up or down from remote station, your train will arrive sooner.  Although each station stop just took probably 30 to 60 seconds,  but it’s annoying still. Generally, the ride was comfort, good legroom, adequate A/C and it had some movies playing along the ride. You may walk around to stretch your leg as well, but do take care of your belongings if you travel alone.

Stop all the BS,  you may buy  the ticket from any train station or book online which cost extra RM2 for Internet booking.

Visit here to book your ticket.  But first do a quick registration of your personal details for an account with them before you can proceed further. It accept credit card payment or bank transfer.





It has wide leg room,  mini food stall, chills a/c and mini TV.  Although i felt that the foods and drinks were sold slightly overpriced. Find it yourself.


Whoever driving frequently up and down on the North South Expressway, should aware of what speed trap I’m talking about. Its about they ‘shoot’ you somewhere in nowhere, and halt you down in front. Then you will see a few monkeys waving you to aside if you did speed. Waited them to have some ‘Matrix’ slow motion walk towards you car, talked some monkey languages asking for peanuts I guess, due to you had scared off their pants during your cruise on highway, telling you how fast you had achieved!

So, got the better images what I’m telling? If you don’t, maybe you’re not a driver or simply just a village’s driver. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, when it did happened to you, DO NOT bribe them  with ‘peanuts’, it’s totally a disaster! It happened to me twice. I bribed them with peanuts, ofcoz next thing they will be happily letting you go. You may think “Thank God”, that giving them some peanuts now rather later received a summons asking for more peanuts. If that so, you are so damn screwed. Because no matter what, you still receiving that summonses, the peanuts you gave him earlier just as their bonus income. The big chunk of peanuts request letter are  on queuing  to your home in a week or two!

From now onwards, I will not give a crap to this. Just issue the summonses they want on the spot which usually wouldn’t happened, coz I rather prefer receive the handwritten summonses than the later, coz hand written summonses can get 50% discount instead the letter summonses just 30%. Beware guys, do not follow my trail unless you want to experience it yourself!

Building Car People First

Anyone knows what this slogan meant for? It actually a slogan which Perodua used. Sort of like  Nissan’s slogan – “Shift the future”, Honda’s  slogan – “The power of dream” and so on. Well, those slogans are quite clear and understandable what they going to deliver and what expectation to customer, but “Building Cars People First” ???

Anyway, they launched  a new facelift version of Viva recently which called Viva Elite. However, no major changes compared to the existing model. Just some minor changes at the front/back bumper which come with foglamps, front grill changed which look smilar to Nissan Grand Lavina, and basically those changes just more to appearance.  Nothing significant changed on performance.

In conclusion, that’s the way most car manufacturers will do. A little changes, but a marginable profit cause of newly increased pricing for new model, business nature. Anyhow I think the new facelift really done Viva a better look. Look a little bigger, cause of the front grille I guess. 😀

Front Gril
Front Grille that looks like Nissan Grand Lavina.

New Foglamps

14" Rims
14″ Alloy Rims

Front Bumper
Front Bumper

Elite Viva

The day after Earth Hour

A very warming morning after yesterday rainy night. Last night 8.30pm-9.30pm was our very 1st Earth Hour program in Malaysia. The advertisements and broadcasts on radio/tv for this meaningful program very well delivered to everyone I guess, but then still alot of ignorance peoples didn’t take it seriously. I’m kinda disappointed on it. I personally considered it as failure because majority peoples still remain Lights ON during that particular hour, seem totally not aware of the Earth hour going.

Not just the peoples didn’t do what was required to do, nor the government did. If government itself didn’t take it seriously, what could we expect from the peoples under that government? That exactly what peoples were saying “Fish begins to stink at the head”. If that was the case , what’s the point in participating to this Earth Hour Program?

Anyway, typical Asian I could say as to them this was just none of their businesses. And Malaysia seem always good at copy cat-ing, what others had done, they want it too but didn’t copied well, like this Earth Hour. Come on Malaysian, actions speak louder than words, don’t always just talk, and done nothing! A good example is the best sermon. Thank you for those who did switched off their lights,bravo! And those were not should feel shame on themselve. Hopefully on next year together we could done better than this, together we can save our beautiful earth!

Warm morning

Valentine’s day, 2009

Well well, Valentine’s Bridge. What is that mean to you?  Bridge that built by valentine? Bridge that can accelerated a couple relationship? Hell no, it’s just a simple bridge exist at Autocity,Juru. It meant nothing as it used for many festival events held at Autocity. Different events with different names. When it come to the day of February 14th, it automatic renamed and become a Valentine’s bridge. Anyhow it was there for years now, you can call it a mini Penang bridge, Hello Kitty bridge, and whatsoever you might see it with, some minor changes were enough to rename the bridge. With a heart shape neon lights in the middle, it now called Valentine’s Bridge!

Went to Autocity’s Starbucks to meet up Derick and Cindy after my Valentine’s day dinner with Khaisui. Short and brief enough? Yeah, that basically was my valentine’s day schedule. Nothing much special though, so don’t bother to talk about! Just wanna share some photos of the Valentine’s Bridge. Just incase you have not had the chance to see the so call multi-purpose bridge, here you go.

Ignore the factory outlet banner! 😛

What it looks to you?

Love is in the air?

Starbucks @ Autocity

Derick was playing with his new toy! 😀

Arsenal – Arshavin


Finally, Andrey Arshavin, he’s ours, an Arsenal’s player. After weeks of negotiation went between Arsenal & Zenit, it finally came to an end. Though this transfer saga went a little bit far too long to conclude the deal, but who cares, as long he signed!  I’ve been kept refreshing my browser to see any updated news on this for days, and I glad that my determination didn’t went AWOL, it worth the tries as it’s a good news. 😀

The newly acquired Russian playmaker, I didn’t know much about him until the last Euro-2008. It’s been sometime I didn’t see such a great talent or footballer dictated a football match like him besides Dennis Bergkamp. He’s quick, he’s sharp, he’s read game well and technically he’s dimunitive! After all I did not watched any games he played after Euro2008. So hopefully he remains the player he was and get adapt quickly into Arsenal team, it could possibly our season salvation depended on him!

Viva Arsenal!

Happy new year 2009

A few blips of eyes, a year have gone. Times seem travel faster than usual for me. Perhaps I’m getting older and older, and wish to be younger and younger, yet I’m not. So it seem the time has flyby very fast! Well, in matter of facts, you going to have that feeling yourself very soon when you reached that age of ‘glory’.

Year 2008 – To me, it is not a successful year. Why? My primary goal to achieve MCSE certificate has failed. That also affected my Australia PR application progress. Career wise unchanged, relationship wise unimproved, family wise sister has gone to Australia, but one thing to remain grateful is that everyone I know is in good fitness and healthy state.
Not sure why so damn lot peoples chosen this year for their marriage, perhaps next year not a good year for marriage, so they rushed to complete all wedding dinner, ceremony or registry of marriage by this year. Superstitious? Chinese known to be superstitious? Yeah, they believe that marriage in next year will bring adversity in marriage, either unwanted separation or divorce. Well, its not “Ripley – Believe it or not” show, so just judge it yourself on this!

Year 2009 – Not really a hopeful year for everyone i guess, because of recession or so called economy crisis. And I heard that the situation might get worsen in this year. We will see about that. Anyhow, it still a hopeful year for me though. To complete my MCSE, PR application can go on smoothly, and all other aspects in life improve better. Hopes mean future, future without hope is simply just hopeless!

So let us just say GoodBye to year 2008, and give a warm welcome to Year 2009!

Happy New Year Everyone, wishes you all have a prosperous year in 2009 and may your dreams come true!

Nothing much

We supposed to have a photo shooting at Batu Maung this evening, but due to these dark cloud, plan cancelled. This morning I already checked the Weather forecast for today, and it shown there will be rain this evening. At the meantime, the sun still shining high up in the sky, the heat was toasting your butt, so we were remaining hopeful for the outing. Forecast things never be 100% correct, so we thought this time would be the same.

Around 3pm the sky turn grey and to dark. Down pour should be within sight, and it did start raining soon as I reached Georgetown. So all the hopeful thoughts were demolished. Even it did stop before the time we planned, the environment and conditions were no longer suitable for photo shooting.
On this same day, my friend CheeSiang , he managed to capture a peaceful rainbow photo shot, but what I managed to shoot were the dark cloud. How ironic it was that both happened on the same day but with totally opposite significance.
Well, there’s no rainbow photo, just dark cloud. Rainbow for hope, dark cloud for ? hmm…you tell me then!

Basset – RIP

On this day, 12/10/2008, the day your journey ended in our family and started your new journey to heaven. I knew this day will come someday, somehow just unexpectedly that soon.
Everything seem fast forwarding in my mind of you. I remember the very 1st day you been brought into our family while you’re still a little puppy of about 1month old. Wow, A “Hush Puppies” (a brand name of shoe)! No no no, hush puppies is just a shoe brand, you’re not shoe! We found out that your species were called “Basset Hound“, so we decided to use Basset as your name.
Ever since you came, you bring full of joys and happiness to our family. Accompany my mom while everyone went out for work, play with us and cheer us up with your sense of movement that make us laugh out loud. We’ll missed you so much!
I have no brother, so I treated you as my little brother. You’re part of our family. We loved you so much and we’re lucky to have you as part of our family. But now is the time, the god is calling so you must go. You may say goodbye to your pain filled days and endless of lonely nights. You’ve been struggled and done your mighty best for weeks, the battle has lost. So ironic that I must said, Yes, is time to go and you may go, take a step beyond and set your spirit free.
We knew we will got grief after you left, you wouldn’t want to see tears. Our hearts already filled full of tears, it takes time to dry. No worries about us, we can get through this. Let your spirit follow the angel to the heaven where you supposed to be. Someday, somewhere and somehow become our family guardian angel, protect us from sickness and danger, we do believe the day will come! In the meantime……
Rest In Peace – Basset.
Always remembered!

Would like to dedicate a song for you Basset. “I’ll be missing you – Puff daddy“!

Misc sky shots

Some photos to share with you guys. Below pictures were took at Gurney plaza 6th floor car park area and Pulau Aman, Tambun. Further shots from Pulau Aman will be updated later in another post because I wanted catergorize this post as Blue Skies.

Well, I may not have the expense of CPL filter to make the sky bluish and solid cloud but with some minor adjustments and tweaks, still managed to make it look a little similiarity in between, though not that blue or solid. Will get 1 CPL for myself and show you the differences of REAL effect from CPL and the tweaked photo effect, but at the mean time be accommodated to these pictures 1st. By the way, all comments are welcomed.