CNY – Chap Goh Meh

It’s Chap Goh Meh (元宵节)today. The 2009 CNY ended gracefully yet so quick… Never really feel the festival mood as like the past. Probably economy downfall caused most peoples holding tight on their budget, even to some gigantic companies also cut cost and did not publish some funny commercial advertisement about CNY this year!  Anyhow, overally this CNY nothing much to cheer about too… 🙁

So, today is the day for those single & available guys and girls to throw mandarin oranges or apples to the river/sea/drain, in pursuit to acquire another half partner exist in this year. Good luck in search to all ‘single’ guys & girls!  😀 I’m already out of catergories, only can eat , not throw!

Below picture is the chap goh meh full moon, 1st full moon in Ox year!  Wishing you guys Happy Chinese new year and all the best in years ahead!! By the way, the 200mm lens not enough to reach or close up to the moon. If you want to take picture of the moon, perhaps 400mm onwards!

Full Moon

Miscellaneous Skies Shots

Those who knew me well, should know I preferred more on shooting landscapes than portraitures. So again this time I posted a few more shots about blue sky which previously I did had posted once, you may check that out here ( ).

After weeks of ON and OFF rainny days, today (9/12/08) was extremely hot yet windless. But on the good side, the sky were clear and vividly blue, clouds kinda illustrative. I grab my camera and instantly took a few shots. Not going too far under the sun, just within my car porch area which was under shade. Right, I afraid of sun, especially these hot sun…

I like to share on nice scenery I’m looking at, which you might not available for the time being. Let you feel the environments I’m on, the view I see, the moment I’m at and it don’t tell lies in it. For a portrait shot, you could edit and remove anything that shouldn’t be there, blur it out in some case. So there’re a lot of post processing just to make your shots perfect. For Landscape shot, I don’t think you would blur it or remove anything in it. At most you just adjust the level and color balance. Everything must remain sharp and clear, that was what people always said, pictures tell you story.

Didn’t do too much PS, just some level adjustment.

Faber Condo – Taman Desa

During my last visit to KL, I did pay a visit to my buddy Tommy who lives in Faber Condo at Taman Desa. It wasn’t really a high rise condo as most condominiums in KL, but with the highest 10th floors top, still consider a good spot for photo shooting. So I get my gears up and started to shoot at will.

It was my 1st session using my newly acquired tele lens Nikkor 55-200mm VR. Read a few reviews on this lens. Most mentioned that it has a soft end when fully zoomed to 200mm, never tried and never know. Well, I believed so as most photos I shot when fully zoomed, really had a softer picture. Hmm… only resolution was PS (photoshop) it. Perhaps my limited skills on PS, cant really make it sharp. Anyhow just get along with it.

A 200mm zoom range not really enough at my spot, cant get a clear zoomed picture of KLCC and KL Tower. So bare with it ya. Another reason probably due to bad weather on that day. Kinda cloudy and rainning partially around the areas, thus pictures shown might look blur to some.

Please click on the below photo for more. 


Heard this name numerous of times but didn’t manage to visit this place until lately. To me, Putrajaya just a place full of government buildings around which noone really like to go. Who would travel so far just to get their documents signed or applying something, coz I believe there’re alot of branches out there near their living places. Will it processed much faster if we went directly to the HQ in Putrajaya? No, I dont think so. Unless you wanted tell everyone that your applications or whatsoever were done in Putrajaya that make you so proud of, be my guest!

So, why peoples still wanna travel all the way to Putrajaya? Wanna meet our Prime Minister? Perhaps, but I don’t think he has any such crazy fans yet. Besides all that, that left one reason to visit. The view, scenery and enviroment that attracted.

It seem to have abit futuristic designs for their lamp post, traffic lights, buildings, bridges and so. That’re the attractions I’m talking about. Other than that, hmm…nothing much to say, as I didnt managed to explore every single part/hole of Putrajaya though. But I should be lucky that I didn’t lost in it. The road sign were confusing, direction paths were unclear. Luckily my friend owned a GPS which can still brought us to the nearest and the only one shoppoing mall in Putrajaya – Alamanda Putrajaya Mall. A typical shopping mall, that’s it. You can get what you want from it, I mean normal stuffs you would get. Don’t ask me whether got LV (Louis Vuitton) or Ferragamo and so, what the heck, were those your normal stuffs to get everytime went shopping?

For you have a better view on this if you never been there. I took a few shots on Putrajaya surroundings.
Please click on photo below for more photos.