BriPEx, is the largest Bridal & Photography Exibition in northern region which held at PISA, Penang. I wouldn’t have missed out since it labeled the largest ever exhibition. Well, it meant largest probably because it joint exhibition by those famous bridal houses and photographic equipment distributors at the largest arena in Penang. Advertisements and flyers were enough for this exhibtion to spread around, but it didn’t bring in big crowds as PC FAIR did. What a shame. Louis Pang speeches and tutorial talks seem not enough to attract crowds.

Ok, Now back to our topic Canton-i, I’m sorry to stuck at BriPEx above . I bring that up because we went Canton-i after the BriPEx. 😛 I’m not going to repeat what already had in other website about Canton-i. There are dozen of websites wrote about Canton-i by food blogger. Please search around yourself.

I’ll summurized it in short, Canton-i more to Hong Kong food, while Dragon-i more to Shang Hai food. And I personally prefered Dragon-i over Canton-i. Why? Simple, Canton-i is simply just another Hong Kong  Style Restaurent you can find in a shopping mall.  Anyway, Canton-i, nothing much to cheer about, but something to boo about, are the expensive price tag and so so food!  Definitely not worth what you have paid for! Please do try it yourself, so you’ll understand! 😀

By the way, they not allowed us to take photo of their surroundings, thought we might stole their designs or what! But, we still allowed to take photo of us and foods. Here it is!

egg tarts
RM 5 / plate of 3 egg tarts!

Durian pie
RM8/plate of Durian Pie. Crispy skin but tasteless durian!

RM6/plate of Muazi.

roasted pork
RM12.80/plate. Wantanmee & roasted meat, nice!

RM11.80/bowl. Poridge. Tasted ok only!

RM??/table. Cindy & Khaisui.

RM??/table. Derick, Victor & Vincenz.



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  1. derick – yeah, when got vouchers somemore, we can go again. But not canton-i, dragon-i better.

    kennhyn – you are right, i rather pay more for better food than better environment.

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