Basset – RIP

On this day, 12/10/2008, the day your journey ended in our family and started your new journey to heaven. I knew this day will come someday, somehow just unexpectedly that soon.
Everything seem fast forwarding in my mind of you. I remember the very 1st day you been brought into our family while you’re still a little puppy of about 1month old. Wow, A “Hush Puppies” (a brand name of shoe)! No no no, hush puppies is just a shoe brand, you’re not shoe! We found out that your species were called “Basset Hound“, so we decided to use Basset as your name.
Ever since you came, you bring full of joys and happiness to our family. Accompany my mom while everyone went out for work, play with us and cheer us up with your sense of movement that make us laugh out loud. We’ll missed you so much!
I have no brother, so I treated you as my little brother. You’re part of our family. We loved you so much and we’re lucky to have you as part of our family. But now is the time, the god is calling so you must go. You may say goodbye to your pain filled days and endless of lonely nights. You’ve been struggled and done your mighty best for weeks, the battle has lost. So ironic that I must said, Yes, is time to go and you may go, take a step beyond and set your spirit free.
We knew we will got grief after you left, you wouldn’t want to see tears. Our hearts already filled full of tears, it takes time to dry. No worries about us, we can get through this. Let your spirit follow the angel to the heaven where you supposed to be. Someday, somewhere and somehow become our family guardian angel, protect us from sickness and danger, we do believe the day will come! In the meantime……
Rest In Peace – Basset.
Always remembered!

Would like to dedicate a song for you Basset. “I’ll be missing you – Puff daddy“!

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