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Vincenz who?

There were thousand of peoples named Vincent, what a Common name! Thus I decided that instead using Vincent, I use Vincenz. Well, pronounciation still about the same, a little bit sounds like italiano name, kinda unique, and most of all, it’s no longer the common Vincent spelling that everyone knew of! Just in case you didn’t notice, the difference is the “t” and the “z” at the back.

Why I stubbornly or idiocy to choose Vincenz since I already knew they were bunch of “Vincent” out there? If you asked , meant you didn’t know me long enough! Allow me to enlighten you little. My chinese name is pronounce about sounds like Vincenz, and if translate directly from mandarin , means Tattoo. I doubt anyone would wanna use Tattoo as their nickname, neither do I. So I chose Vincenz as my nick.

Creating this domain website was under some circumstances that it had promotion which I think it was worth a try.  And what I needed this website for? Hmm… I haven’t really set a target on what all these about or what I’m gonna use this for. What I can say, is just A domain for personal interests, be it photography, info sharing, personal thoughts or some events sharing, blah blah blah… Just a place to express myself and getting close to you. So please give your full supports on this and hopefully I committed to share everything you might or may want to know.

Thank you. God Bless…


Best Regards

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  1. Stubborn yet arrogant, I dont see any same here! Which part I wrote show I forgot my root or so..

    Do I need to list out all my ancestors to show I remember my root? Besides, I’m not having alzheimer that can forget myself in sudden unless you did have it and tried to remind me not to follow you!

    Come on dude, just a brief introduction to me, don’t need to be so serious about!


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