Bali, Indonesia – Part 2

Wow, does anyone knows how long had my blog down? Bet not, wasn’t aware that until now. Probably it’s time too for me to do some minor update. The reason being was because the earlier hacker  thingy blocked my earlier post due to his name was there, caused my blog not to be loaded.  Excellent….

Anyway, it’s been a year since my last update. And this part 2 of Bali-Indonesia was already long past, cant remember the details. So just to share some photos I took back then.

1. Preparing for Dolphine hunt

2. 2k for a leak

3. Somehow familiar, LOTR?

4. One of the famous

5. Beaches – What else to expect at Bali?

6. Err.. boat?

7. Hmm… the blue sky is the subject actually.

8. Cliff…

9. Cliff again

10. A MUST try. Famous pork ribs

11. Don’t be shy, give me a kiss!

12. One of the recommended hotel. Strategic location, comfort and clean.

Alright folks, that’s all for Bali. A worthwhile trip afterall with buddies and friends.