Pulau Besar, Mersing – Johor

Again, wasn’t the real time update. These shots I’m going to upload were taken months ago. It was our company 1st ever TeamBuilding which opened for all level staffs. Well, not sure whether was the first to the company but it was to me. A last minutes invitation from HR, which probably to fill up the void headcount left. Anyway, who cares, it’s a paid  trip afterall.

It was a long journey bus trip from KL to Mersing,Johor. It took nearly 7-8 hours to arrive, start 12am and reached Mersing Jeti at 8.30am, duh… In short, the whole trip was relaxing but boring. Never been to Redang so can’t compare the cleanliness of the beaches, but looks good to me though.

There you go, the snap shots of the Pulau Besar.