The day after Earth Hour

A very warming morning after yesterday rainy night. Last night 8.30pm-9.30pm was our very 1st Earth Hour program in Malaysia. The advertisements and broadcasts on radio/tv for this meaningful program very well delivered to everyone I guess, but then still alot of ignorance peoples didn’t take it seriously. I’m kinda disappointed on it. I personally considered it as failure because majority peoples still remain Lights ON during that particular hour, seem totally not aware of the Earth hour going.

Not just the peoples didn’t do what was required to do, nor the government did. If government itself didn’t take it seriously, what could we expect from the peoples under that government? That exactly what peoples were saying “Fish begins to stink at the head”. If that was the case , what’s the point in participating to this Earth Hour Program?

Anyway, typical Asian I could say as to them this was just none of their businesses. And Malaysia seem always good at copy cat-ing, what others had done, they want it too but didn’t copied well, like this Earth Hour. Come on Malaysian, actions speak louder than words, don’t always just talk, and done nothing! A good example is the best sermon. Thank you for those who did switched off their lights,bravo! And those were not should feel shame on themselve. Hopefully on next year together we could done better than this, together we can save our beautiful earth!

Warm morning

Earth Hour – 2009

It’s time for all of you to do a little favour to our beloved “EARTH”. This year is the 1st year Malaysia participated in this program. Please be coorperative,supportive and then switch OFF all your lights for just an hour, from 8.30pm-9.30pm, 28th March 2009.

You might wonder how it could save our earth for just an hour, but who give a shit? Can’t you just stop all your favourite movies, karaoke singing, bath, air conditions or whatsoever for just an hour? Australia being the 1st country who did this, if it had no impact at all, the list of participants this year won’t grew tremendously to so many countries and cities! So please do your part as a living creature on earth, just switch off all your damn lights!!

Kuala Terengganu II

Yeah, still Kuala Terengganu. Not just you, I’m getting bored of it too, that’s why it took me so long to upload these batch of photos. Don’t worry, it will be the last batch of Kuala Terengganu photos. Nothing much, just some miscellaneous shots I took at Kuala Terengganu & Pulau Kapas.

Pulau Kapas was the only option we could go over from Kuala Terengganu jetty. Actually there was another island we could go which is Pulau Gem, just next to Pulau Kapas. It is the new private island in recent years and just around 800M from Pulau Kapas. Unless you plan to stay overnight at the Gem Island, else it pretty much the same as Pulau Kapas.

I bet you guys must be wonder why didn’t we choose Redang, Lang Tengah or Perhentian Island. Long story, in short, it was FireFlyz to be blamed. Coming out the stupid flight time table, missed all the available boat schedules to those islands. Ain’t too bad to me though, coz i’m not really a Sun lover. So the less exposure under the sun, the better! 😀

By the way, this batch photos do not stand out as previous posts I had, I guess. So, don’t get too excited on these photos yet. In the mean time, why don’t you tell me?

Please click on the image below for more photos.

Kuala Terengganu I

Due to overwhelming response(not really), I finalized 2nd batch photos to upload. Well, still the same as previous post, landscape shots at Kuala Terengganu. Actually most of the shots were taken @ Primula Beach Resort surrounding. To be precise it actually @ its private beach and garden.

Every spot I see, I couldn’t resist my finger to press on the shutter. The scenery caught my eyes, so I must captured it and let it caught yours! 😀 Anyhow I don’t know my pictures can illustrate well or to impress you. If it doesn’t, its not about the scene, its about my skill. I’m simply done not enough on it, forgive me and had the view yourself when you got there.

Please click on the image below for more.

Kuala Terengganu

Where is K.Terengganu? Kuala Terrengganu is located in Terrengganu State and at our east coast of West Malaysia. Confusing? Just go and search google map and locate it yourself. It should be bunch of results listed out as it was like the main entrance for you to reach those famous islands such as Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Pulau Kapas and the latest private island Pulau Gem.

How to go? It can be by all kind of transportation whether by Land, Sea or Air transportations. 

Why to go? If you wanted to go to these mentioned islands, the only route is to go through Kuala Terengganu and reached it’s Jetty. From there on took/rent a boat to the islands. There isn’t any route you can reach these islands unless you have your own private boat.

What to see? I’m not really know what to see in Terrengganu itself beside being the main route to island. Anyhow it does have some famous tourism attractions such as Lake Kenyir, Largest Muzium in SEA,  Floating Mosque and err… that’s all I guess. But these attractions aren’t in town, you need to take taxi out from town to it location. Anyhow it wasn’t in my topic today. I’ll just skip it.

So what actually have in Kuala Terrengganu? See for yourself!

You may book fire flyz flight to K.Terengganu from Penang.

Primula Hotel
A nice and wonderful place to stay if you plan to overnight at Kuala Terengganu. Not believe? See the following pictures.

Primula Hotel Night View
Night View in Primula Hotel. By the way, the swimming pool is nice and clean.

Primula Beach
Beside swimming, you can have some outdoor activities like football, volleyball and basket ball at their private beach.

If you’re not a sporty person, perhaps just some relaxing moment lying on the beach and watching the clear night sky with bright moonlit above!

Primula's morning
If you could wake up early, you might seen this scene as like the picture above.

You may sit here while waiting for the sunrise. Only if you lucky enough to see the sun rise from the sea, else most of the time it covered by thick clouds and you could just see it rise from cloud instead sea!

Pulau Kapas
If all above couldn’t pleased you, perhaps you consider a short trip to nearby island like in this picture, Pulau Kapas.

Critics and comments on the photos are welcomed!


It’s been sometime since I last updated my blog. Reason being was I’m too busy on my MCSE exam preparation. Finally, I have completed the MCSE exam and now I’m officially MCP,MCSA, MCSA+Messaging and MCSE!! 😀 Having the chance that KhaiSui ex-boss inviting her to help out on the event, I can follow her there to have some shoot out on the event.

Actually I just managed to shoot on the pre-event preparation, cause we left early. No chance to join the party as at 1st I heard was an invitation card needed to enter. Later on I found out that I just need to fill up the registration card will do. Sigh, that was already on the next day! 🙁 I missed all the free flow drinks!

We reached QE2 around 6pm and it was an ON/OFF rainny day. Bad day to shoot photo as the sky wasn’t blue, and the overall lighting kinda dark. So I needed to set higher ISO for those photos I shot. Anyhow still at an acceptable image quality.

Please click on the image below for more!