Happy new year 2009

A few blips of eyes, a year have gone. Times seem travel faster than usual for me. Perhaps I’m getting older and older, and wish to be younger and younger, yet I’m not. So it seem the time has flyby very fast! Well, in matter of facts, you going to have that feeling yourself very soon when you reached that age of ‘glory’.

Year 2008 – To me, it is not a successful year. Why? My primary goal to achieve MCSE certificate has failed. That also affected my Australia PR application progress. Career wise unchanged, relationship wise unimproved, family wise sister has gone to Australia, but one thing to remain grateful is that everyone I know is in good fitness and healthy state.
Not sure why so damn lot peoples chosen this year for their marriage, perhaps next year not a good year for marriage, so they rushed to complete all wedding dinner, ceremony or registry of marriage by this year. Superstitious? Chinese known to be superstitious? Yeah, they believe that marriage in next year will bring adversity in marriage, either unwanted separation or divorce. Well, its not “Ripley – Believe it or not” show, so just judge it yourself on this!

Year 2009 – Not really a hopeful year for everyone i guess, because of recession or so called economy crisis. And I heard that the situation might get worsen in this year. We will see about that. Anyhow, it still a hopeful year for me though. To complete my MCSE, PR application can go on smoothly, and all other aspects in life improve better. Hopes mean future, future without hope is simply just hopeless!

So let us just say GoodBye to year 2008, and give a warm welcome to Year 2009!

Happy New Year Everyone, wishes you all have a prosperous year in 2009 and may your dreams come true!

Chinese Opera

Once upon a time, there wasn’t any DTS (Digital Theater System) or Dolby Pro Logic or AC3 equiped sound system theater show, not to mention 100 over inches projected screen, hard stiffened chairs/benches, hot and open air environments, chinese tea served and so on. But you get a live and real action show that not repeatable. Yeah, chinese opera drama it was. There were numerous types of chinese opera with Peking opera the most famous among. You can google on it’s history if you interested to know more.

Various genres of movies, repeatable, comfort cushions, various types digital surround sound systems, >100 inches projected screen,  air-conditioned, pop corn,  and so many more. There were numerous cinemas for you to choose with GSC the most famous one. Right, those are what you get nowadays.

Chinese opera was the only drama or musical dance they could have in the past. Why was it so interesting about? Because that was the only entertainment they had, so nothing else they could choose to watch beside this. In contrary of that, now we can choose from different cinemas with different genres of movies on show. Just that we don’t have the extra times to watch them all. As times flew, chinese opera evolved to another dimension. It’s audience changed from human to god/ghost. Whenever an event held for god or ghost, you’ll see a stage infront, you’ll know there will be a chinese opera show. Anyway, you won’t be able to see ‘them‘ watching even though it meant for ‘them‘, in fact all you’ll see are human being were watching. Unless you can see ‘them‘, then remember to let me know.

As promised in my previous post, will upload some photos I took for the chinese opera show. Anyone still got no idea what a Chinese Opera show was, check out those photos, I’m pretty sure once you saw the photo, you’ll know. Thanks my buddy Derick again for the invite on this photo shootout. If you don’t know him, refer to photo no.22. 😛 All comments and critics are welcomed. 

Click on the picture below for more photos.

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera – Sneak Preview

Never really went for any photo shooting session with friend previously until yesterday (14/12/08). Having the chance that my buddy Derick invited me for a photo shootout on Chinese Opera @ somewhere near Permatang Pauh. Though I live not far away from there, but honestly, I never been to that place and didn’t even know there’s a solemnly grandeur temple. Should have pay more visit to that temple next time since I already knew it existent.

The Chinese Opera show was meant for celebration or anniversary for the temple. Heard its 12 years once for this event held. Thus, lucky me having this chance to visit. Those who missed the event, don’t feel bad, cause the actual date for the celebration event already passed, I missed it too. 🙁 But anyhow the opera show still on going for few more weeks I guess, you still able to watch the interesting opera show.

Took kinda many shots, so need some filtrations and editions before can show to you guys. Please stay tuned, more photos will be uploaded as soon as possible!

Stay tuned!

MCSE delayed

It’s been months since I said that I need to finish off my MCSE exam by end of this year. But looking at the calendar, it just left less than 3 weeks to end a year. I got less than 3 weeks, it is impossible that I can finish it by time. Sigh… I’m getting extremely anxious! I estimated that I can finish it by year end, but it didn’t come out as what it supposed to be, is it predictable?

No, definitely un-predictable! I don’t understand, it is an important paper I needed to pass it before I can precede my Australia PR application. But why I still acting so lame, lazy and unmotivated? Though I did complete a few more exams requested by company but that doesn’t help on the PR application. Was that part of the de-motivating issue? Possible, as after all the hard works ended up for nothing, not for company nor the PR application. Company suddenly switched biz partner, using IBM server instead HP server which I took on. Another unpredictable case happened.

Laziness seem bugging me. I should have more than enough time to prepare the exam. Probably because I’m doing self-study MCSE which I must double the efforts than others did in institutes. I’m the lecturer while student, hard and torrid time. God bless me. I must quickly sharpen myself for the exam. My prediction should be able to complete by January 2009. Is this predictable?

I hope it can goes as predicted, complete by Jan2009. I have a plan to follow, it might not go as planned but at least I did plan. Doing thing without plan is like eating without know what was it.

Anyone out there that had completed the MCSE 2003, kindly approaches me and helps me please. Some tips or whatever that you think that can help me in the exam, please do so, gratefully appreciates any help given. Wish me luck!


Miscellaneous Skies Shots

Those who knew me well, should know I preferred more on shooting landscapes than portraitures. So again this time I posted a few more shots about blue sky which previously I did had posted once, you may check that out here ( http://vincz.com/?p=9 ).

After weeks of ON and OFF rainny days, today (9/12/08) was extremely hot yet windless. But on the good side, the sky were clear and vividly blue, clouds kinda illustrative. I grab my camera and instantly took a few shots. Not going too far under the sun, just within my car porch area which was under shade. Right, I afraid of sun, especially these hot sun…

I like to share on nice scenery I’m looking at, which you might not available for the time being. Let you feel the environments I’m on, the view I see, the moment I’m at and it don’t tell lies in it. For a portrait shot, you could edit and remove anything that shouldn’t be there, blur it out in some case. So there’re a lot of post processing just to make your shots perfect. For Landscape shot, I don’t think you would blur it or remove anything in it. At most you just adjust the level and color balance. Everything must remain sharp and clear, that was what people always said, pictures tell you story.

Didn’t do too much PS, just some level adjustment.

Gary & Geni – ROM

Please click on the picture for more photos.

As pormised earlier, the album now is up for viewing. Did not designed any theme or story telling photo slide show as others. I know for such occasion shouldn’t be hard to design a theme into it. But again, I’m not pro and am not selling off my ideas or skills to impress you. Well, not quite yet, not until I wanted to get some freelance wedding photographing jobs. At the meantime, I’m just wanted to share on what I took on that day. With some minimum level adjustments, resizing and cropping on the photos, so please don’t boos if the pictures quality look bad to you.

All those shots were using my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 HSM lens, so the angles or distances were kinda fixed. It might look arkward because I don’t owned a TAMRON 17-50mm f/2.8 lens which I think it should be perfectly useful in this situation. It can help me on locating best shooting spot which I don’t have to walk to the front, otherwise it could have some candid effect.  Anyone willing to sponsor me?

Anyway, congratulation brother, wishes you have a happily ever after marriage! 大嫂,don’t bully my brother ya! LOL!

Faber Condo – Taman Desa

During my last visit to KL, I did pay a visit to my buddy Tommy who lives in Faber Condo at Taman Desa. It wasn’t really a high rise condo as most condominiums in KL, but with the highest 10th floors top, still consider a good spot for photo shooting. So I get my gears up and started to shoot at will.

It was my 1st session using my newly acquired tele lens Nikkor 55-200mm VR. Read a few reviews on this lens. Most mentioned that it has a soft end when fully zoomed to 200mm, never tried and never know. Well, I believed so as most photos I shot when fully zoomed, really had a softer picture. Hmm… only resolution was PS (photoshop) it. Perhaps my limited skills on PS, cant really make it sharp. Anyhow just get along with it.

A 200mm zoom range not really enough at my spot, cant get a clear zoomed picture of KLCC and KL Tower. So bare with it ya. Another reason probably due to bad weather on that day. Kinda cloudy and rainning partially around the areas, thus pictures shown might look blur to some.

Please click on the below photo for more. 


Recently seem a lot of peoples talking about this yet inconclusive. How to define it? I don’t know as well. Every single person should have his own version of definition on happiness. Under same occasion, same situation and same circumstances, but you won’t get the same definition of happiness. Thus, there’s no proper words or sentences that can really describe or define happiness.

A good example to link with it is when people asking – “what the taste of an orange?” I dare you that not everyone can give you exact same taste definition except the common one, sweet & sour.  Different peoples had different sensitivity of their tongue. Same orange but different peoples tasted it, you will hear some said too sweet, too sour, just nice, and so…

Searching for happiness? Redevelop your definition of happiness; you can easily achieve it without too much hassle to search for. Some having a nice chocolate bar or drinks, happiness achieved! Some may felt happiness achieved when they managed to help out those disabled peoples. Some “just married” couples felt happiness achieved when they able to tie up with someone they love. Well, for that moment I guess. There is long way to go, before you can actually telling me that you are really felt happiness throughout the entire marriage.

So please don’t ever set a target to your happiness. It’s suffered to have a fix target to achieve. Even you might be a top salesman who managed to achieve/hit target every month, at least not on happiness please. Otherwise, happiness becomes a product which can be passing around and sold in carton. What I’m trying to say is just do whatever things that you think you’re happy on it, and then your happiness will follows. There’s no specifically on what thing, just anything. You can have a chocolate bar, ice cream, photo shooting and so, just things that can let you feel happy.

Stubborn or idiocy is another thing that can erupt your search for happiness. Especially on love life. You think you’ll get happiness with someone you love, partially right. What if the “someone” doesn’t think that way as he/she thinks you’re not the one he/she love? Happiness just collapsed if this happened. So just stop pushing it for happiness you expect from this relationship, you won’t get it anyway. Wanna wait till he/she changed his/her mind, possible but again not constructive. A very rare case that it will end up the way you think it supposed to be. Why waste you times here instead looking for something to cheer on? These just an example and I believe there are lots more out there. Hundred millions of peoples on earth means should have hundred millions of examples.

Always cherish what you had. If hasn’t lost, hold firm; if lost just let it be, you’ll found new somehow. No time machine yet to launch for you back to the past, so look forward instead past! Future & happiness are right in front you, just grab it when it come. 

Gary’s ROM

On this day, 02/12/2008,  the day my buddy Gary’s ROM (Registry of Marriage) with his beloved Geni. Without doubt, I will help him to take some photos during the registration. As I did for my another buddy Victor earlier! Only differences were previously I used Nikon D60 whereas this time I’m using the Nikon D90. Hopefully those shots taken just now not to arkward compared to previous shots…

Still need times to filter out some unclear/unsharp photos before I can post it here. Basically this article was just to officially updating you all, Gary & Geni are Married! Please drop by this site occassionally to check out the updated photo album on this. If it yet to be released, you could just browse on other posts or kindly visit the ads shown if the promotions attracted you.

Once again, we congratulate them – Gary & Geni, Happy Marriage and wishing you guys love live marriage!