Police’s love letters

Well, a hated word to be heard or received. I am sure everyone agree with it. To me, receiving traffic summonses isn’t new, as i already received total of 12 speed summonses for the past since i have my driving license.

But, this month i got something new. I received 2 summonses for illegal parking. No big deal, right? As most people also did receive illegal parking summonses. But , it neither summonsed by MPSP or MPPP, it was issued by the “very Free Traffic POLICE”. Damnit, for the past 11 yrs, i never had received such summons by POLICE, although by MPSP alot (near 30 summonses, luckily now waived 😀 ! ), so cant complaint much. (a good lie though!)
Actually i fully support to have such free polices to patrol around those busy roads, summonsed those illegal parking cars which caused traffic jam. Some brainless peoples simply just stop their car in the middle of road and walk off, what the heck, they really thoughts their granny bought the roads!?!? (My summonses not because of that ok, i parked beside a ABSOLUTELY Non busy raod with double yellow lines)
Ok, to summarize it, I just wanna know anyone who have/know people inside police station, can they help me to get these 2 summonses discounted? Please? its not cheap ler.. Its RM80 each, RM160 for two. The most expensive fees i ever parked!! Anyone?

Jln Salwen, Behind Menara BHL, Penang.

Beside HSBC Sg Petani, Kedah.